Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I'm in Big Trouble

I know, I'm in big trouble.

I read somewhere that blogs are like sitcoms - when people tune in week after week for a repeat episode, they eventually quit watching. For almost a month, it must have seemed like the same episode of "Seinfeld" has been on TV. I'm sorry! It's been a very, very busy month. I spent the first weekend in MN visiting Kim's family, and the next two weekends were spent in KY assisting my friend Cydil, who is a photographer near Lexington, shoot two weddings. It's been a lot of fun, but I've been exhausted. So, this last weekend was my first weekend home in July, and it was spent catching up on to-do's.

The second reason I'm in trouble is because shortly before I left for MN, I had the pleasure of shooting family pictures for Brea, my good friend from Deere, and also whom I met Nick through. Nick and her husband, Ryan, lived in the same house in college. I had warned Brea that it would be a while before I got them all done, but I hadn't planned on it taking this long. Since I've been gone each weekend, my evenings were spent running errands, cleaning, and keeping up on the checkbook! Plus, as most of you know, I've been going to bed REALLY early nowadays! It's been hard to keep up! Anyways, I've been working diligently in getting Brea and Ryan's family pictures done, and I offer her this little preview as a token of my apologies!

ps - Lesson Learned: While the last time I took pictures of children I learned not to have lots of people around, this time I learned to at least have one other person around to get the kids' attention!!! :)

Brea and her little girl that was born this year.

Ryan and their son.