Friday, May 30, 2014

Colby Turns 3!

Last week Colby turned the big '3'! We had big plans...most of which didn't work out, but we had a great time celebrating with family anyway!

So embarrased at first at all the attention.

OK, maybe I do like the attention.

I had planned white cupcakes with pink icing and little "Tangled" sugar toppers. Colby just wanted a chocolate cake. Fine by me!


Puzzles are a big deal right now in our house. And, between Christmas and her birthday, we have 5-6 new ones!

Colby and Nick sing a Steiger song each morning on the way to Caroline's. For her birthday, she got her very own pink Steiger!

Miss Lorelei is getting so big...and is the happiest baby! Right then she was stalking pieces of wrapping paper to snack on. She was quite stealthy in her endeavors, and we had to watch her close!

Oh the princesses we have at our house! This collection is for the bathtub!

Thank you Great Grandma Budke for the new doll clothes!

A couple of updated pix of Max from last week...although he's changed so much even since then. He's doing great! He's a pretty happy baby who is only getting up once at night now, and has even slept through the night once already. So, of course, his mama thinks he's advanced! :)

At the end of the night, we had bought large Chinese lanterns to set off just like in the Tangled movie; however, the wind was working against us and we couldn't keep them lit long enough for the warm air to build up and carry them away. We decided to have a movie night later on when it's warmer and try it once again!

Thanks for checking in!


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Max and the James girls!

A couple of weeks ago the James family came to visit Max and Colby! Here are a few images of the day!!


Oldest cousin Emma...aka 'future babysitter.' :)

Cousin Ella has the makings of a future baby hog!

Nice laugh, Colby.

Ella gets her baby-hogging genes honestly from Aunt Karen.

Colby reading Emma a book...I'm sure Emma's thrilled.

Max has grown a ton...can't wait to see how much he weighs at his appointment this week.

Hanging out with Dad.


Colby still loves holding him.

Thanks for checking in!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Life of Max

Due to popular request, here are a few images I took today of Max. He was a willing participant for the 5 minutes his eyes were open...which only happens once or twice a day. Overall, he's a very easy baby. He's happiest eating or sleeping, with a slight preference for sleeping. I have to work hard to keep him awake to eat for any length of time. His preference, though, is to eat for five minuts once every 90 minutes...which is NOT my preference, of course! He's a bit spoiled in that he wants to fall asleep being held. His dad is actually the best at getting him to sleep, as he likes to wake up whenever I finally put him in the crib.

Ohhh....bright lights. I like bright lights!

I'll just hang out here a a tad perhaps...this holding my head up thing is overrated.

Mom, I'm SO over this.

What?! I get to eat and take a nap afterwards. Woohoo!

Aunt Kori, here's my double chin.

Max has freakishly long fingers and toes. Nick thinks his toes are like those frogs with the little suction thingies on the ends. The nurse at our doctor's office said she's pretty sure she'll see Max in the Guiness Book of World Records for being able to eat spaghetti with his toes....or something else freakishly weird like that.

I'm still sporting my blue eyes and red hair!

Check back soon! Tomorrow the James cousins come to visit!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Maxwell John {Effingham, IL, photographer}

On Monday, December 12th, at 12:37 am, we were blessed with Maxwell John entering our family! He made a fast and furious entrance, as we were only at the hospital for 37 minutes before he was born (not the recommended way to do this sort of thing, in my opinion! hour or two would have been perfect!). With red hair, weighing in at 8 lbs, 12 oz, and 23" in length, he beat his sister's weight and length by a good pound and inch! Here's a few images from the last week.

Thanks for checking in!!


Shortly after birth. The red hair runs on my side of the family, but everyone says he looks like his dad.

Grammy McCormick was one of the first family members on the scene and took care of big sister Colby while we were at the hospital.

Colby meeting her brother for the first time. She loves Max and overall has adjusted well.

She loves holding Max and will tell me, "I have his head, Mama." She knows I worry about his head support and let's me know that she has it 'under control.'

Daddy with his daughter and son.

Grandma and Grandpa Rankin visited this week to meet Max. Grandpa learned pretty quickly that Max is a cuddler.

A good view of the red hair with Grandma Rankin.

Colby loving holding Max and also with evidence of the cookies she loves as well on her face.

I'm pretty sure this will remain one of my favorite images ever. Max was a bit jaundiced when born; so, I've had him near sunlight several times a day. Here's Colby reading to him while he's catching a few rays.

Yesterday Grandpa Cooper visited...and Colby was quite fine snuggling up with him, watching "The Lion King," and taking a catnap.

Once again, thanks for checking in, and thank you for all the texts, emails, and good wishes over the past week!

Merry Christmas and many Blessings to all of you!


Monday, May 26, 2014

Ben and Jenny {Effingham, IL, wedding photographer}

On a beautiful day in October, in a grove of trees on the bride's grandfather's farm, the beautiful Jenny met her handsome groom Ben at the alter to say "I do."Like no other wedding I've been to before, it was unique, intimate, contemporary, and yet rich in respect to the family that could be there with them and those that were watching from above.Ben and Jenny, what a beautiful day for both of you. Thank you for allowing Carolyn and I to be there with you to bear witness. God's blessings to you and to yours.....KellyWhat's providing the colors and glitter behind the rings? A collection of antique brooches owned by Jenny's mother.Jenny is so warm and welcoming. She greeted Carolyn and I both with giant bear hugs....and she'd never even met Carolyn before!The handsome groom, Ben.