Friday, January 14, 2011

So long...Farewell....

Well, it's with both happiness and sadness that I have to tell you I will not be posting on this blog anymore. 

Sadness because there are so many memories associated with this get-togethers, Colby's first two years....gosh, it's been around for four years I think?

But, there's happiness as well.  Why?  Because I have a fancy new site that's both blog and photography website combined!

I'm a busy person, and two sites to maintain is too much.  Brides would call and say that they loved my images on my website, and I would cringe and remind myself that some Saturday I need to sit down and update all the images and add more recent images.  Then, I decided, "heck"...I'm going to get a new site that I can load to the galleries and to the posts at the same time!  It's all about efficiency, right?

So, without further blabbing....please visit my new blogsite at!!

Thanks for checking in!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

Colby got a new Spencer train.

Notice that I didn't have my act together this year and have Colby her own stocking....but mine worked just fine in a pinch.

New barrettes for our wild-haired girl.

A book about Christmas.  Which, by the way, Colby reads the Christmas story on her own...and it's hysterical to hear her read it...I've got to get it on video. 

And some new crayons!

Dad putting together her new hoop....or her basketball 'poop' as she originally called it.

Volleyball - our house it's all about the 'poops'!

Granmmie had tons of new clothes for Colby.

Ross got a new cowboy hat, but was NOT happy about wearing it.

But Claire was fine wearing it!

Colby loves to clean things with me; so, Grammy got her a new cleaning set.

Nick, you're very attractive to me right now....hehehe!

My dad made Ross a machine shed for his farm toys.

But Claire's new barbie car can use it in a pinch as well.

Heath was fine with the cowboy hat.

And Colby did too!

Claire got a camera for Christmas and it was quite the hit.  Everyone wanted to play with it!

Colby hanging out in the shed.

A tired Colby hanging out with all her new friends she got for Christmas!!

I know this is late, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Everyone!!!