Monday, March 29, 2010

The Reed Family

My older sister had some wise words of wisdom for me once: when finding someone to take care of your children, make sure they raise their kids like you would raise yours. Nick and I have been very blessed in those who have taken care of Colby for us while we work. First, there was Miss Norann, who watched her when I first went back to work, but I knew she was returning to finish her nursing degree; so, it was literally the last week she was able to watch Colby and we had no idea who to turn to watch Colby. And then, one night I remembered that our friend Carolyn, who had been pregnant the same time I was pregnant with Colby, had mentioned in passing that one day she hoped to stay home with their kids and take care of a few others. I called Carolyn, and within a week, Colby had her new home-away-from-home....complete with a playmate...a little boy to rough-house with at that!

This past February, Henry turned 1! And, Carolyn asked if I would not only take his 1-year pictures but also take their family pictures as well! She is so good to Colby...I couldn't have been more honored!

Carolyn, thank you for taking such good care of our little girl....Nick and I couldn't ask for anything more!

Below are a few of my absolute here to see a few more.

The happy Reed family.

Colby's Brother-from-Another-Mother: Henry!

Taking a walk with Mom.

Even happier now that Mom's close by.

Playtime with Carolyn is always fun. You know there's someone special taking care of your children when they reach out for that person when you drop them off in the morning!

Despite how fun Carolyn is, Henry loves his daddy quite a bit as well!!

Thanks for checking in...and also, thank you for everyone's emails, prayers and thoughts over the last few weeks. Blessings to you all!! KM

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SisterSara - The Sixth Sister

My good friend Eric once made a profound statement to me..."There are two kinds of people in the world: those that get 'The Far Side' and those that don't." I laughed about that for weeks, but my older sister pointed out to me once that there are more people out there that DON'T get The Far Side than do. The same could be said for my own sense of humor. I love dry, witty, almost-British-comedy senses of humor; so, when I meet someone that 'gets' my sense of humor, I get pretty Sally Field on the stage at the Academy Awards saying, "You like me....You REALLY like me!!!" level of excitement.

About a year ago, my good friend Allison started copying me on email conversations with her friend Sara. Sara has a blog, and I laugh hysterically at her witty posts over her kids playing with sitzbaths, getting stuck in jeans, and her crazy family antics (Sara, we Indian wrestle at our family dinners!!!). Sara is so real about her family in such a self-depracating way, I just KNOW she would fit in SO well with my family!!!

A couple of months ago, in another email conversation, Sara said she'd always wanted family pictures done in the snow. So, we watched the weather, and after a few unsuccessful scheduling attempts, we got it done!!! And, while I love the images (you know how I love laughing-family-pictures!), what I love the most is that after a year of emailing back and forth, I FINALLY got to meet Sara!!!

Thank you, Sara, for enduring the cold...and for making me smile during the day with your sense of humor!!

Below are a few of my favorites. Click here for a few more!

Oldest daughter Abby is BEAUTIFUL...I love her smile...and her cheeks!!

Ummm....this image makes me think there may be some fun teenage years in store for Sara!!

But could a mom and dad say 'no' to this face....angel, I say, angel!!!

Little sister Katie wanted NOTHING to do with the camera....but I SOOO wanted a picture of those eyes!!!

Sara, we got it!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE laughing family pictures. And, yes, mom, I know they're not all looking at the camera, but that's the point!!!

Husbands are not always willing participants in family pictures...usually, it's more of a hostage situation. I think Jason told her, after an hour in the freezing cold, 'never again, Sara!'......I'm hoping he meant pictures in the snow and not family pictures in general!

Jason, do you forgive Sara and I now???

Thanks for checking in! Blessings! Kelly