Saturday, March 29, 2014

Our Newest Residents

These guys are currently VERY important people in our house...

Friday, March 28, 2014

Josh and Jenna: A Wedding

I am blessed to get work with the most beautiful people...both inside and out...and the wedding of Josh and Jenna Layton was no exception.

Josh and Jenna have dated for years, but over the last couple of years, they've lived hundreds of miles apart, as Josh has lived on the East coast while serving our country in the military. Now, anyone that knows me well knows that I have a soft spot for anyone who chooses to dedicate a time of their life to serving our country...and so, with the beautiful wedding over the 4th of July weekend...well, let's just say I teared up a few times over the course of the day!

Usually, I pick out my favorite 80-100 images of the day to highlight in the slide show, but there were too many that I, there's 223 of them to go through...Yep! 223 "favorites!"

Josh and Jenna, thank you so much for allowing me to document your day, your story, and your love for each other. I am so happy for you both, and wish you nothing but God's blessings as you begin your life together.


ps - the images of Josh and Jenna alone were taken at the park where Josh and Jenna were also engaged. I love personal touches like this...

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Minnesota 2010 - WARNING! LONG POST!

This is a LONGGGG post, but there's so much to tell!

Two weeks ago, Colby took her first flight up to Minnesota to visit Aunt Kim, Aunt Kendall, and cousin Jacob! She did great on the flight. We had books to read and flash cards to sort through, but I think she was glad to finally get to MN where she could stretch her legs.

She loved playing with Jacob, and every morning that would be her first word..."Jacob?" was time to hit the ground running and play with all of his toys and her favorite book, "Dinosaur Roar!"...which we just bought yesterday.

Kim and I had grand plans of doing Jacob's 3yo pix and Colby's 18 mos pix. Jacob was a much better sport than Colby.

Below are MANY of my favorite pictures from our trip! Thanks for checking in!

Hair lotion and a diaper....I'm all set to go this morning!

We went to the water park near Kim's house. It was Colby's first time. She LOVED it! Here she is trying to follow Jacob up the big-kids-slide.

Jacob going down!

Splash!...not that Colby minded. She loved it...would hop back up to go again immediately.

I can do it myself, Aunt Kim!!!

See! I'm a pro at going down the slide on my own!


She loved it! much so that she wasn't patient with waiting her turn. There was one little girl who was scared of going down the slide on her own; so, Colby helped her out by pushing her. I had to apologize profusely for my 18 mos-old bully.

Jacob surveying the situation.

I went down the adult slides....and paid for it....I had a sore neck for a week afterwards!...but it was still fun!

Aunt Kendall chillin' out.

Jacob was everywhere!

One of the days in MN we went to the neighboring town of Gully for the 100th anniversary of their town celebration and parade. There's 100 people in Gully, and the parade was still going on 90 minutes later! These people are proud!!! We left to get something to eat at the Oof-Da-Taco stand!

What's a Oof-Da-Taco? Think of an elephant ear that isn't sweet with all the taco meat and fillings on top!

What does Oof-Da mean? It's a Norwegian term that roughly translates to "Oh C&^p"....or "D^%m" get it.

I actually found and bought my sister Kim a mug that says "what part of Oof-Da do you not understand?!!!"

Aunt Kendall riding between two tired kiddos on the way home from the water park.

Tired Kiddo #1.

Tired Kiddo #2.

I can't seem to escape the Gnomes.

This is the old tractor behind Kim's treeline that we attemped to do pix with. This is the only picture that has my child somewhat smiling in it...and, of course, there's a grass coming up in front of her face. Geesh.

The rest of the pix are of her trying to run away. here's Jacob trying to corral (sic) her.

I WON'T stand by that tractor...I WON'T do it!!!

Look at me...on the big kid swing all by myself. She did pretty good too...she only fell off once towards the end of probably 15 minutes or so.

After going down the slide on her own at the water park, she wasn't about to accept help on the swingset slide.

Not sure what Jacob got into here!

Climbing up the stairs again to the slide!

And, we tried AGAIN to get pictures with the tractor....with the same results!

Rotten to the core!!!!

Playing a song for Kim and I. I think we ended that performance pretty shortly.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Caden

This little guy...and I do mean little, at just a bit over 5 pounds when they images were taken...was a perfect little gentleman. He slept peacefully through the entire shoot...peeking his eyes open just once or twice so that we could capture them quickly before nestling in for a bit more sleep.

And, I had the pleasure of seeing him baptized this weekend.

Caden, welcome to the world, and to the family of God.

Blessings, Mitch and Melissa. You have a beautiful family!

CLick here to see a few more of my faves!


The quilt we used in the pictures was a wedding gift to his parents.

Caden's mom requested this picture...with their wedding rings on his tiny feet.

I love the colors and textures of the pillows in the background.
Blessings again...and congratulations!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Introducing TORI!

This is a very special post because little Tori is a member of my own family! A few weeks ago, my cousin Devin and his wife Christy gave birth to a darling little girl, Tori!

I drove up two weeks ago to take the little girl's newborn pictures, and I think from the many funny faces she made at me that she wasn't happy with me being an hour later than I'd hoped and right when she wanted to eat too!

Devin and Christy, congratulations! She's beautiful! Enjoy these few short months of newborn doesn't take long for them fly by!

Below are the ones that made me here to see a few more.


"Hehehe...I'm going to play a joke on cousin Kelly since she was late."

"This is going to be so darn funny! I crack myself up!"

"haha! Take that, Kelly! I'm going to do this in a LOT of my pictures!"

Btw, the beautiful quilt behind Tori is a quilt made for her by her grandmother, Christy's mom, who owns a quilt shop. Christy wanted to make sure she got it in one picture....but I thought the fun vibrant colors would be perfect as the backdrop for little Miss Tori. Have you ever seen a quilt like this???

"Hmmmm....what will I do next."

"Hold on a second...I'm thinking...."

"Well, maybe I'll sleep for a bit and give mom those 'sleeping baby' pictures I know she wants so much....because I'm a good girl that way."
Congrats, Christy and Devin!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Sisterhood of Weis

I first met Vanessa a few years ago. My husband's family buys their vehicles from her at the Ford dealership in Effingham. Honestly, I'm surprised she still talks to me. I test drove vehicles for over a year until finally buying one. Then I drove it for two months and traded it in again...I couldn't get used to an SVU after driving a car for so long! As Nick and I consider getting a bigger vehicle sometime in the near future, I'm sure if Vanessa had ulcers, they'd start flaring up soon! Evidently, I'm THAT horrible! :) But she's that good...that she puts up with me! She's like an expert barrister at Starbucks. She knows I take my cars white, red, or black with a tan interior, good gas mileage, and an MP3 player outlet. I like to think she has everyone's car choices memorized...however, it could just be mine since she searched for over a year for me. (so sorry, Vanessa)

Anyways, we've talked often about updating her family pictures, and so, we've been trying to get together for, like, over a year to do a portrait session. And, finally, we decided to heck with basketball schedules, working late, and all that summer brings, we were going to get together and take little Miss Drew's two-year pictures. I was a little bummed that her three older sisters couldn't make it to the session, but I was going to take what time I could get of these cuties' time. To my great delight, I got an email from their mom the day before saying the older girls' schedule had cleared up, and they were going to be along too...just for one picture or two, because you know, it was Drew's birthday pix. And, I was all like, whatever...we're going to do this up right; so, you come dressed too for a family picture as well!

Below are a few of my favorites of the beautiful Weis Women. Click here to see a few more!

Older sister Molly (#2) rocks her stylish glasses. I love them.

Older sister Madison (#1) has the best laugh. I had 20 different laughing pictures, and I had to decide which one was my know how I love a good laughing picture!

Older sister Abby (#3) is a phenom basketball player...and has the bluest of eyes ever.

And, here's the lady of the hour: Drew...the baby and the boss!

There's nothing like a sisterhood....

Taking a break between shots.

The entire beautiful family!