Monday, August 10, 2009


There are things in life that just make you feel old. Taking the senior pictures of someone you used to babysit is one of them.

A month ago our family friend Connie emailed me and asked if I would take her son Trent's senior pictures. My mouth dropped open. I used to babysit both him AND his OLDER brother. Geesh. Well, as ancient as I felt, I was still deeply honored, and I had so much fun! Trent truly thought (or hoped, at least!) that we were going to take just a few pictures and be done with it! Boy oh boy, I'm not sure he realized what he was getting into!

Trent, seriously, you were great! Not only were you willing to do anything I asked to get 'the shot', but you are also witty, humble, and intelligent. Your parents should be proud! Thank you again! Kelly

Click here to see more of my favorites from Trent's shoot.

When we first got into the car, my first question to Trent was "So, how opposed are you to trespassing?" I do a LOT of trespassing when I take photos. Luckily, Trent was on board.

Trent and his killer green eyes.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this photo. Julie Gathmann, thank you for letting us trespass to get this photo!!!

Trent's the pitcher for his team, and his mom requested pictures of him in his uniform; so, we headed to the baseball field. Throughout the night, I had asked Trent a lot of questions about where he was thinking about going to college. He was unusually vague for a senior about his college plans. After I got home, my mom told me that Trent is a PHENOMENAL pitcher and will probably be scouted this spring and play in college. Hence the vagueness...and the humility I mentioned above.

Trent in action.

By this time, Trent had "Stockholm Syndrome"...he was working with his captor. He was giving me different smiles on command and changing the angle of his head after every shot. He's ready for GQ!

We actually took these a couple of days after the original shoot. It was getting ready to storm, and the sky was beautiful. They are my favorites out of all the pictures we took.

Trent, thank you! Once again, you were great, and I had a great time! Good luck in all you do, and I hope you have a great senior year! KM


Anonymous said...

Good pictures Kelly!! What a great model Trent was for you!! I have to say that the one of him pitching is probably my's really cool looking!! Good job for both of you guys!!

Love ya!

Cydil Waggoner said...

Great pics, Kelly. Loved all the baseball shots. Fantastic light on the pitching one.

Grandma Cooper said...

WOW!!!! Love these pictures, Kelly, and can't wait to see the others on your website!! I am amazed at how large Trent's hands are -- maybe a necessity for a pitcher?!?!?

Brittany said...

Of course, as expected, I LOVE the baseball shots! Great photos - can't wait to see the rest that you teased us with in your earlier post!

Anonymous said...

These look great, Kelly! You can totally tell that Trent was a pro by the time the shirt and tie pictures were taken! I too feel old when I look at these. I remember when Trent was born and I remember having him in class for a day or two when he was in 5th grade!! Ugh!!
I think you've just added another talent to your list...Senior Pictures!


Rankin Family said...

amazing!!! really capturing the moments!

Anonymous said...

I love the one of Trent pitching! That one is so neat! Great pics, I am sure Connie loves them as well!
Love - Kori

Anonymous said...

I was so excited yesterday that I called Kelly right away and told her how great they were. I thought I had better let everyone else know that I LOVE them. I even saw Trent taking an extra look at them. Kelly, the ones that you chose as your favorites and the explanation why, Jason also liked those for the same reasons! The artsie eyes think alike. I am going to have a hard time choosing, but I'm going to enjoy every minute of deciding. Thanks so much! I agree that senior pics should be added to your repertoire.
Connie (Trent's mom to those of you that don't know)

Nick and Kelly McCormick said...

I'm so glad you like them, Connie!

Mom and I sat on the phone last night going through all of them! She had to tell me which ones were her favorites too!

I had such a fun time!


Rhandi said...

Now you can add sports photographer to your resume! I love those pictures and of course they made me tear up to see Trent all grown up. Great job, Kelly!

Rhandi said...

Now you can add sports photographer to your resume! I love those pictures and of course they made me tear up to see Trent all grown up. Great job, Kelly!