Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night Nick was staining our new door to the patio (Yeah!), and I was sitting outside with Colby when I had the genious thought of bringing her walker outside. Now, normally, she is not a fan of the walker. She can motor and maneuver really fast in the thing on our wood floors, but she prefers to crawl instead. However, she was thrilled to be able to motor around the patio last night. Mostly, she wants to chase after the dogs, which are her favorite things to watch outside.

Here are a few pictures. And, yes, I'm miserably trying to make up for the lack of very few pix of Colby over the last month while I finish editing pictures of a wedding!!

Yes, I know there's no Colby in this picture, but don't you love my new orange vinyl couch set I bought on ebay?!!! Nick about died. It's really low to the ground and the back of the couch comes off to make it a bench! It's awesome...and indestructible...and reminiscent of the orange vinyl couch we had growing up!! :)


Anonymous said...

Too funny! I was starting to wonder if Colby ever played outside! I have found that going outside will put Amelia in a good mood right away! It is funny how babies are fascinated with animals! I just wish we knew what they were thinking! I LOVE your couch set! I would not purchase it for myself but I can just picture Nick's face when you got them! Too funny!
Love - Kori

Allison said...

You forgot 'and comfortable' in regards to the orange furniture! I LOVE it! It is perfect for any patio party!

Anonymous said...

I knew sombody besides me had to like the orange couch we had. Did Colby ever end up off the patio while going after the dogs? Dad

Anonymous said...

Yes! She could make her way quite well if she encountered dirt...but didn't fare too well agains the landscape rock!


Brittany said...

Colby looks like she loves it outside! And catching dogs isn't easy so I bet watching her try is pretty entertaining. Speaking of entertaining - the couch and chairs look awesome! I don't know that I would have ever even thought of eBay for something like that but I bet there are some crazy pieces out there. So cool!

Anonymous said...

Colby is the most precious baby girl!! Love the furniture, I am picturing you with a nice mixed drink while lounging on it!


Anonymous said...

Yay for more pictures! What a perfect place for Colby to play! I love the patio and the furniture too!!!
I don't remember the orange couch really but WOW what a statement to make!! You could host beautiful parties on your patio with a set of furniture like that!

Thanks for posting!!

Anonymous said...

Does this bring back memories of my boys! My kids loved to be outside in the front and just go. Sometimes they'd start by the garage and coast the rest of the way down the concrete. Colby is missing the tie bonnet and the shoes. The bonnet was my trademark. Very rarely did the boys go out without it. Those pics of Colby wanting yogurt are wonderful. She is so stinking cute. Right Kendall and Kori? I promise I'll have my order in soon for senior pictures. You made it way too difficult to pick. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I remenber the orange couch. I'm not sure the word comfortable when with that couch either. aunt janet

Rankin Family said...

fun!!! yeah my kids always liked the walker being outside too

love the couch and chairs!!! very retro, we use to have curtians that would match that set perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Colby looks like she's having so much fun outside! And what an exercise hauling around that thing in the grass!

I can't you believe you bought that furniture set..haha..I can't imagine Nick's face when he saw that! Priceless I'm sure!
Love ya
PS Good job with the "stinking cute" Connie!! :)

The James Gang said...

Your daughter is so stinkn' cute! Love the faces she makes!

Love you all!

Anonymous said...

At Gina's house the walker is in the sandbox. Last year for Tyler, and now this year for Zachary when he is over - unless the sand gets under his helmet!!
So jealous of the orange furniture! whenever I get a new house with room I'm totally making an offer on it (to Nick). lol!