Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Saturday, Colby turned '1'. To celebrate the fact that her parents hadn't maimed or drastically damaged her mentally in the last year, we had a party for her. Here are a few pictures from her big day!

For her big day, she didn't ask for much. I think if she could talk, for her birthday she would have asked to be able to play with all things with buttons that she's normally not allowed to play with, like her mother's cell phone.

For the first time, I let her lick the beaters when making her birthday cake. It took her a second or two to understand the beauty of the 'licking the batter' system...but she was a pro once she got up and going.

For dessert after lunch, I even let her lick the icing off the beater.

Aunt Kori brought her the birthday crown to wear. The "Birthday Girl" shirt came from Grandma and Grandpa Rankin. She accessorized the outfit with her favorite Tylenol bottle.

Woohoo! It's my birthday!!!

Colby got these new wheels from Grandma and Grandpa McCormick. Amelia was giving her a push in her new ride.

OK...enough with pushing you! It's my turn for a ride!!

Today we eat cake!!!

At the end of the day, the person willing to read her a book is still her favorite person.
Thank you to everyone for making the trip and being with us on Colby's big day! We're very blessed to have such a loving family and we were so happy you could all be her to celebrate with us!
Love, Nick, Kelly, and Colby!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Colby!!
I swear she gets cuter everytime I see her pics! I just love her smile!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she had a great birthday and that you guys were able to not "maim or drastically damage her mentally in the last year". You crack me up.


Nick and Kelly McCormick said...


I didn't say we hadn't emotionally damaged her!!! :)


Anderson said...

Awwww!! I wish I was there! She looks like such a big girl and even though she may not have felt the best, it appears she enjoyed her birthday very much!!!

She's a sweet, sweet little girl! You guys are doing a great job!

Love ya,

Brittany said...

I just cannot get over the fact that she is one already!! The crown and t-shirt are so cute on her, but her huge grin makes me smile back at her without realizing it! :) Glad she had a great first birthday!

Anonymous said...

We had no doubt that she would master the beater licking. You know she comes from a long line of beater lickers and dough eaters. God Bless, Grandma and Grandpa Rankin We really had a great time!!

The Bible Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss Colby!

The Machlitt Family said...

I agree that she is super cute and super sweet! We also had fun and I am glad that Amelia and Colby got along so well! I know that she had a great first birthday and she better have a second birthday party!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it you who swore off birthday parties from now on after the stress of Amelia's party this fall!
Amelia had better have a second birthday party as well! Once you start, you can't go back!!!


Ryan, Brea, Carter, and Addison said...

I can't believe that she's already a year old...WOW! Great pics!