Thursday, February 25, 2010

Colby - More new videos


Anonymous said...

AAAAHHHHH! She's so grown-up!!! What a little talker!
I absolutely love the video of her and Amelia with the book! Too funny! I imagine there will be plenty and fun and disputes between those two in the years to come!!!

Thanks so much for posting!
Love ya,

The Machlitt Family said...

Super excited that you posted videos. Not super excited that my child is a mute compared to yours. The next time they get together to play Colby will talk to Amelia in full sentences while Amelia jibber jabbers back!!!!

Love the videos, she is so super cute and I absolutely love the one with them and the book. Great narration on that one!

Pretty soon you will not get her to stop talking!

Love - Kori

Brittany said...

She is talking so well already!! And it's amazing how much older her longer hair makes her look - are those curls in the back?? :) It cracks me up how she wouldn't say mommy and would instead say daddy - so ornery :) What a fun little girl!

The James Gang said...

I love all of the videos! I want Colby to come and stay the weekend with us sometime so whenever you need a weekend free, let me know! We'd love to have her!


Anonymous said...

I have several comments so prepare yourself!!
1st-OMG! Colby is going to hate you for taking video of her in the tub, although it is by far my favorite video!!!
2nd-I love that she won't say mommy cuz Henry won't either. (Although she says it at my house all the time.) I'll tell him to and he says, "da,da"! So frusturating, cuz I know I am his favorite! :)
3rd-the reading of the book is hysterical, with your comments! She must fight with herself at my house cuz she does the same thing.
Finally, the last video where she picked up the food on the floor was super funny! I know you let her eat it after the camera was off! (cuz I probably would)hahaha