Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tyler and Danae: Engaged

So, the conversation went something like this:

Danae (in an email): Kelly, can you bring a backdrop to our wedding so we can take pictures in front of it? (btw, their wedding is on December 31st)

Me (in my mind):'re not going to like those pictures...I'm not going to want to take those's your wedding're not going to be fun and free-spirited and laughing in front of a backdrop....backdrops are so Olan Mills...not YOUR wedding day.

Me (in an email): Danae, is there anything AT ALL that I can do to talk you into going outside for 10 minutes on the day of your wedding? I know you think you'll get cold, but I got married in December and took pictures outside, and trust me, you have so much energy that you day, you won't feel a thing! If I beg and plead, can I please talk you into ten minutes outside?

Danae (at their engagement shoot): Kelly, about your email, we'll stay outside all day if we have to for the pictures. We're up for anything.

Me (in my mind): You're my kind of people!

Recently, I met up with Danae and Tyler...who have been together since high school!....and had the greatest time shooting their engagement pictures at Allerton Park. The weather was beautiful, the fall colors were beautiful, and the husband and wife-to-be were beautiful!

Danae and Tyler, can't wait to ring in the new year with the both of you celebrating your new life together as husband and wife.

A few of my favorites are below....

Beautiful lighting.....

....beautiful laughter.

We got the formal in-the-newspaper-the image-grandma-will-order picture!

As promised, they were up for, see this overgrown forested area over here? Do you mind laying down in it in your nice newly dry-cleaned clothes? And, they were SO willing! And, I love the results! Danae and Tyler brought several outfits and we debated on what she called "khaki pants and a white t-shirt." I originally said 'no''d be a little too family-ish. However, Danae failed to mention that their version of khakis and white t's belonged on a Banana Republic advertisement. By the way, Tyler, you're pretty darn handsome in this photo!

And, one of my favorites from the day. For those of you who don't know it, I am in love with the Rotunda at Allerton Park; so, you may be seeing it here and there in several shoots over my next few postings!!
Danae and Tyler, congratulations, and many blessings during this exciting time in your lives!


Anonymous said...

Love these, Kelly! Awesome colors and what a gorgeous couple!

Thanks for posting!

Brittany said...

These two DO look like Banana Republic models or something!! Must be easy to take pictures of these two :) I love the fall colors and the lighting in the first few shots was awesome. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute couple! Nice pics!