Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Colby - Growing, but Frustrated

First of all, thank you SO much to everyone that posted a comment in my last posting! Seventeen is a record for me, and I'm thinking of holding some type of contest to encourage more I know there are others out there that stalk the blog and haven't left a comment yet!

Anyway, I'm still trying to post more often. I have a ton of posts planned with pictures of the Rankin girl cousins coming up, but I'm still finishing editing the pictures; so, until then, here's a post of Colby's latest pictures!
Playing on the floor is still Colby's favorite thing to do...way better then the swing or bouncy seat. However, since we've been making her spend more time on her tummy, she's not quite as thrilled about playtime. She likes to pull herself up on her hands vs her forearms. She thinks she's big stuff then. She'll smile and laugh at you for a bit, and then she gets whiney and mad that she's not on her back. She 'rolled over' once this weekend...if you can call losing her balance and ending up on her back as rolling over! I'm actually worried about her discovering she can roll over onto her back...she'd never ever spend any time on her stomach then! In any case, here are a few pictures...AND two videos of Colby. Please note: the videos aren't the greatest...they're taken with my cell phone. I have to get a video camera ordered soon!

She's starting to notice more of her toys. Until this week, the only thing she was interested in was that mirror that's behind her in this picture. She likes the black and white checks and seeing her reflection move as she moves.

Hello, Mr. Elephant! Where did you come from?!

I think she's studying herself in the mirror in this picture.

A few fun facial expressions! She's very social now and loves it when people talk to her or even just smile at her!

Her more serious look.

I think she somewhat looks like me in this picture!!

She's SO over and done with being on her stomach!

Playing nicely in this video.

Telling you how bad life is on your belly in this one.


Grandma Cooper said...

Cute pictures, Kelly! But I still think you maybe should have named her "Nickie"!!!! I don't know, maybe I can see some of you in the one with her forehead scrunched up -- is that why she might resemble you?!?! No matter what, she's cute! I'm wondering, is she still sneaking in those bad habits?

Sara T said...

Cute post Kelly..... and the "secret" is safe......... for now..... but keep those posts coming! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! She's really grown! Those cheeks are getting chubby and in the video she looks so long!! I can't imagine how different she'll be when I see her next month!!
Thanks for the pictures!


kelly said...

Yes, Mom, it's gotten worse! She sucks on her thumb in the crib all of the time now. This morning she woke up at 5:45, but by the time I got in there she had found her thumb and put herself back to sleep. We even had to change the pacifiers we use with her. She woudn't have anything to do with the nuk pacifiers anymore. We had to switch to one that is long and thin like her thumb!

Anonymous said...

Well, considering we had to wait so many days for a new post I am thrilled that you had some action vidoes on here! I am excited to see her at Easter! She seems to be developing more of a personality and is very good at expressing her likes and dislikes!!!

Love the pictures!
Kori and Amelia

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh..I can't believe how much she has grown up and it's only been a month since I've seen her!! Her expressions are so cute and she looks a lot happier, I can't wait to hold her again! I do a lot better when babies respond to me so now that she is doing that I will become the baby hog!
Love ya and miss ya lots!

Anonymous said...

Wow her face has gotten fuller, it looks rounder. She is just filling out and doesn't look like a newborn. These are great pictures of her and i love the one with the crinkled forehead and i too can see you in her. Randy still insists she should have been named Nickie though. Hope you guys are coming to Easter at Karen's, it would be great to have all four babies together, along with the "older" girls. Just wish Jacob could be here too.

Aunt Gail

Brittany said...

I absolutely LOVE the close ups! That kid makes some of the best expressions, too. And yes it is very obvious that Colby is a spitting image of Nick but she has her moments where she looks like you! In fact, that picture was my favorite of the bunch :)

Grandma Budke said...

Since sleep is eluding me,I decided to get up and see what's on the computer!Imagine my surprise
when hitting the Mccormick blog
got me more pictures of Colby to
look at!She is getting sooo big,do
you have any idea what she weighs,
Kelly?I too can hardly wait for
Easter,I assume you'll be there
with Colby and Nick,right?
Love to the three of you, Grandma B.

Rankin Family said...

Little Miss personality!! gosh for a honey!!
Wish IL was closer to MN so we could see all these babies all the time! maybe cure the baby fever!

Great Pictures!
Amy Rankin

Anonymous said...

She is really filling out! I still think she looks like you shrunk Nick into a baby, though! :)The first picture I ever saw of her I said, "Oh my gosh! It's Nick!" I loved the videos of her. It's so much more fun when they start cooing and "talking" to you!!!!
It's good to know someone else hates tummy time too! Henry lasts about five minutes and then he is done!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I am an idiot! That last post was from me! I forgot to put my name!

Anonymous said...

Colby has changed so much from the time you visited school. Has her white hair turned into a reddish tint? Tonight is the first time I've been on blog about all week. You three mother sisters have kept me entertained at least 30 minutes. I have even commented on each of yours. Don't expect this every time! Take care

Ryan, Brea, Carter, and Addison said...

I am a generally non-commenting blog stalker, but since others have turned themselves in recently, I, too, am confessing.

Love the pictures and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Kelly you've been busy! Great posts and pictures. Colby is so beautiful. Autumn