Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bizarro Nick

This summer while shooting a wedding with my friend Cydil I couldn't believe how much one of the groomsman resembled Nick! I kept staring at him all afternoon while the wedding party was getting ready and then during the formal pictures! I whispered to Cydil at some point during the day that Nick's twin was in the wedding party, and because of my fascination with this twin, she would probably have 200+ pictures of this guy from me. Eventually the wedding was over, and we were snapping pictures of the wedding party in the house after the ceremony and of all the guests at the reception. Nick's twin was always in the center of the group, making jokes, giving toasts, and being ornery. The likeness of the two kept getting stronger and stronger.

However, eventually the music started, and that's when I had to laugh. The music signalled the end of the likeness! At some point before the music started, Nick's twin changed out of his tuxedo shoes and into something a little more comfortable: tennis shoes. This guy was ready to bust a move...and with every girl on the floor! He twirled, he twisted, he shouted...he was the main source of entertainment at the reception, and that is when I started calling him 'Bizzaro Nick'....so similar, yet so different. In any case, I've been saving these pix for a special occasion, and here they are.

Introducing Bizarro Nick!!!

Bizarro Nick with all of his buddies after the ceremony was over and before all of the toasts between the couple and their wedding party.

Bizarro Nick and some of his college buddies.

Bizarro Nick warming up the dance floor....

...getting ready for the twirl...


...planning his next dance move...

....and checking out his woman's moves to make sure they're up to par.

In the end, it was fun to watch Bizarro Nick 'shake his groove thing' on the dance floor with his girlfriend (and every other girl that would dance with him that night!); however, I'm pretty sure Bizarro Nick doesn't fix his woman a hot breakfast every morning (eggs made to order!), start his woman's car (complete with seat warmers turned on!), and drive all fourteen hours both ways to spend four days with his four sisters-in-law and the entire extended family over Thanksgiving (complete with walking breaks every three hours for his 8-months prego wife!). I'll take these moves over some lousy pair of dancing tennis shoes anyday!

Happy Anniversary, Nick!


The Waggoners said...

Awww! That's sweet!

And thanks for bringing back the memories of that hot July day!

Next post you need to do is "Celebrity Look-a-likes!".
I think we had a 'Scarlett Johansen", "Lindsey Lohan," and a "Jessica Simpson!" Am I forgetting anyone?

I'm going to miss having you as my primary shooting partner next summer!

Brittany said...

Too hilarious! Devin and Christy have referred to a Bizarro Brittany they know from college so this totally cracks me up! Happy Anniversary by the way!!

Anonymous said...