Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Things That Make Me Smile

I've been editing pictures from last week's 4th annual Rankin family Thanks-Christmas, and let's just say Nick is tired of hearing me laugh followed by the phrase, "Look at this one, Nick."

There are so many that crack me up, and while I promised to let my family see them first so that they could pick out any they want to use on Christmas cards, I wanted to share this one. It was out of focus...the color was bad...etc, etc. But, despite it's flaws, it makes me laugh SO hard!!! How can this gummy smile not cheer you up on a gloomy, rainy day?!


Brittany said...

Not only does it make everyone who looks at it laugh, but it looks like little Amelia was having a good hard laugh herself! Glad you guys kept her so entertained! Can't wait to see the "good" pictures :)

Amy the crazy stalker! said...

ok I have to admitt, I have been watching for pictures everyday! good thing you all dont live close I would stalk you all in person too!
Such a cute picture! makes one smile that for sure!

was great too see you all! everyone looked so nice

Anonymous said...

I think Kori should use it for her Christmas Card. It is way cute and i didn't even notice it was out of focus.

Aunt Gail

Anonymous said...

Love the picture Kelly! I am glad that you posted, I promise to post some pictures tonite!


Anonymous said...

Amelia can make anybody smile! She's so sweet and thank you Kelly for giving us a taste of the photos to come! I'm anxious to see the ones of Jacob too! I have my Christmas card all made and ready for pictures before I print them!
Can't wait!


Grandma Cooper said...

I'm waiting for pictures for my Christmas cards, too!! Hope ours are as good as this one of Amelia! (Probably not, though, considering there will be seven people in our picture and it's hard to get a good picture of everyone!!) I'm sure the kids will look great and we will look just like we normally do (Ugh)!

Anonymous said...

haha...that chickee is too funny..actually she is so funny she makes herself's like she's saying "gosh i am so stinkin hilarious!"

thanks for the picture kellY!