Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas, Projects, and Crises

Nick and I decided that this weekend would be project weekend. We had a lot of organizing to do to get ready for the baby. So, on Friday I moved my office out of the spare bedroom and relocated it to the basement. When Nick got home, we moved two spare dressers (thank you, Mom!) into the for the baby and the second one for Nick, who has more clothes then most JCPennys.

Nick is very emotionally attached to his clothes...he remembers where he got it, where he's worn it, and all of these other details about items in his wardrobe; so, he doesn't want to get rid of anything at all. Hence, he keeps all of his clothes in the other spare bedroom...because he doesn't want to share a closet or dresser with me. So, he has a whole closet and TWO dressers full of clothes in 'his' bedroom. Despite not wanting to get rid of most of his clothes, I did talk him into getting rid of this outfit; however, he had to put it on one last time for ol' times sake.

Paging all Garth Brooks wannabes.

In college, the 4H house girls liked to rip the Wrangler patches off the guys' jeans....with their teeth. I imagine Nick striking this pose at the bars trying to entice them to bite off his patch.

Thank you Aunt Dana for the stick horse for Baby Mac! Giddy-up, Cowboy!

On Saturday, Nick and I turned our attention to the basement and literally spent all day sorting through tubs, organizing, cleaning, and getting things in tip top shape. Unfortunately, God must have thought we didn't do a good enough job, because Sunday morning we woke up to a flooded basement after a drain got clogged and backed up after some heavy rain. All of our cleaning and organizing went down the drain....or at least tried to!So, by Sunday afternoon we had a team of people in the basement from Servpro (those fire/water/everything weather-related people), and they ripped out the padding, sucked out the water, and are now working on getting the carpet dried so it can be reinstalled. Between Christmas, the projects, and the crises, Nick and I didn't sit down once during our five-day weekend!

A soaked box of something.

All of our furniture moved to the center of the family room because it was dry in that area.

Dryers now surround our basement drying out the carpet.

On a more positive note (or depressing note if you're on after this sentence), I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and all is well with Baby Mac; however, I am not showing any signs of getting closer to labor. I was really hoping that all of that moving furniture this weekend would really get things going, but it hasn't worked out that way. :(


Brittany said...

What a bummer about the flooded basement! After my parents dealt with that this year I know they will feel your pain!

When is baby Mac's official due date? I can't keep track of all of these new babies' arrivals!! I'm glad to hear all is well with that and I'm sure he/she is just waiting until you have everything totally ready :)

Anonymous said...

Kelly Ray and I have had the fun of a wet basement 2 times it isnt fun

Kelly said...

Baby Mac is officially due on the 24th, Brittany!

Brittany said...

Cool thanks! There are 3 women at work who are going to be grandmother's for the first time within the next 5 months, and then you and Christine are due soon too, so I'm having a hard time keeping track! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you Kelly! I agree with Brittany, the baby is just waiting until you're set. Next week you'll probably be dilated and everything else!!! Hopefully anyway!!
It'll be here before you know it!


Anonymous said...

Oh, and what a hotty!


Grandma Cooper said...

Okay, I don't want to burst your bubble but I think you need a reality check! YOU were born TWO WEEKS to the day AFTER your due date!!! Now I haven't put the curse on you that that will happen to you, but you do need to get that notion out of your head that Baby Mac may come around the first of the year (although there may be a SMALL possibility)!! (Kori was the one who came three weeks early!) Has the doctor said anything about the baby dropping yet?

And I can't believe that Nick let you post those pictures of him! Did you tell him you were going to?

Kelly said...

The new doctor rarely lets people go over their due date nowadays. They'd rather induce the week of the due date vs have to have a c-section. Look at Erin last year. She went almost a week over with Auggie and they ended up doing an emergency c-section after she had been in labor a long time and Auggie started having issues.

As for wishing and hoping for an early delivery, me, Nick, and our tax accountant are still crossing our fingers, but I only have 15 hours left for it to be worth it at this point!!

Ben said...

Ok Nick, I know you are having a baby soon and may be vulnerable to suggestions from your wife because of the ordeal blah blah blah she is going through, carrying all blah blah blah that weight and how hard it blah blah blah is on her, but we at H.U.R.L do not think it is appropriate to pose like this. Do to your longstanding commitment and fortitude as a founding member this one instance of weakness will be overlooked, however in the future we ask you show more restraint with your public image.

P.s. C.U.R.L. is also apposed to this and would like help from H.U.R.L. in the form of actions leading to the destruction of all digital cameras.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!! But if the girls took off the Wrangler brand off of the jeans with their teeth then Nick must not have been too popular with the gals back in the day eh?

Anonymous said...

Well, in Nick's defense, that tradition was only the in thing when I was in school. It had passed by the time Nick was in college!!! Kelly

Anonymous said...

never wore wranglers in college, didn't ride horses to class......