Friday, May 8, 2009

Colby Pictures

Just a few pictures of Colby lately. Thanks for checking in!

A flying Colby. Despite the scared look on her face for this picture, she really does like it and can keep her legs straight out on her own.

Colby's "Old Yeller" picture. Is there a rabid racoon in my house, or what?

Two Saturdays ago Nick was at a tractor pull all day. Arlene and I were going to go eat at my favorite restaurant, the Firefly; however, of course Colby only took two 30-minute naps that day. I knew she had to take a nap in order for us to have a somewhat enjoyable evening; otherwise, we would have a meltdown on our hands. So, I put her in the crib and was going to let her cry it out while I was in the shower. When I got out of the shower, it was quiet, and I thought, "Yes! She's asleep!" When I peaked into her room, this is what I saw. She was studying and 'talking' to the characters on her sheets. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the Firefly that night.

Colby's first time in the Bumbo seat. She wasn't quite sure of it at first.

Starting to warm up to the Bumbo.

Yes, I like this! I love sitting and watching Mom do the dishes!!


Grandma Cooper said...

What was it Great-Grandma Rankin would always say, "Sober sides"? That's what I thought all through the first pictures, then I get to the last one!! Yea!!!! Colby's cute little smile! Thanks for posting, Kelly!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness she's so darn cute!!!! And has gotten so big too! What a little stinker hanging out with the characters on her sheets and not sleeping! Love it!! I love the picture of her studying the Bumbo. She's really giving it a look!

Thanks for the pictures and can't wait to see you in a week!!

Brittany said...

Colby has the best expressions! You can almost tell exactly what she's thinking by the look on her face. What a doll!

Anonymous said...

love the pics kelly! love the seat too. hopefully she loves it like amelia does! love - kori, ben and amelia from california!!

Anonymous said...

Cplby is changing so much in such a short time! What a cutie! Enjoy the pictures and love your dialogue.

Anonymous said...

PS I meant to say Colby!

Anonymous said...

She looks so grown up in her chair! I am so glad you posted more pics! I love seeing how she is growing! She looks adorable!