Monday, May 18, 2009

Conversation with Nurse

I had a doctor's appointment today...endocrinologist. This is the depressing conversation I had with the nurse:

Nurse: I need you to step on the scale, Kelly.
Kelly: OK.
Nurse: Oh my gosh! You've lost 32 pounds since the last time you were here! Congratulations!
What's your secret?! How did you manage to do that?!
Kelly: I had a baby. (said in flat voice)

I'm not really sure you can hear the disappointment in the nurse's voice as you read what I've typed, but let's just say that the nurse felt that having a baby was a total cop-out of a reason. She was imaging blood, sweat, and tears of a different kind.

I'm not going back to that doctor ever again.


Anonymous said...

I think you look great regardless!!

Aunt Gail

Brittany said...

And how often do you have to go to this doctor? You'd think they would've heard at some point that you were pregnant but maybe that just means you're super healthy :) Either way, even if it wasn't funny at the time, the post was hilarious!

Grandma Cooper said...

It's obvious this particular nurse hadn't seen you in the past and certainly didn't look at your chart!! I'm hoping the doctor knew a little more about you! You do look good!! (You could have told her some pretty funny stories about how you lost the weight!)

Allison said...

I agree with Grandma Cooper - you should have had some crazy story about how you lost the weight - perhaps living in a tree for a month as your way to protest logging!! Or better yet, that you've been in jail serving a 30 day sentence and since the food stunk and there was nothing better to do, you just exercised around the clock! However, you would have had to have a camera handy to capture the response! : )

Ryan, Brea, Carter, and Addison said...

Pretty random post here by me, but I have to ask--have you read the article on page 82 of the new Parents magazine? It's called "Regrets, I Have a Few," and it is hilarious!!!!!!!