Friday, May 29, 2009


Here are a few pictures from my cousin Rachel's wedding last weekend. I have a Part II coming with the rest of the pictures!!!

Me and my four sisters.

Kyle with one of his twins, Henry. Henry must have tasted good...or we were waiting too long for supper or something!

Me, my sisters, my mom, and my two aunts, Gail and Dana. and my four sisters again. Two of them (Kim and Kendall on the outsides) live in MN and Kori (in the center) lives in IN; so, we're all five together not that often!...and especially not dressed up!

Kim's a she is with Uncle Andy out on the dance floor.

Kyle, Christine, twins Sophia and Henry

When we started taking the family pictures, the sun was under clouds...unfortunately it came out and we didn't move; so, these aren't the best pictures! Grandma Budke with the grandkids and great-grandkids.

The Watson family with Grandma Budke.

Kim now dancing with Matt....who had never really swing-danced before, but got a quick lesson from Kim. Good thing she's good at leading!!! :)


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted! Love all the pics! I especially like the one of Kim and Uncle Andy dancing, you can see her dress twirling! Great picture of Kyle and Henry, also!

Love - Kori

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Kelly!! I definitely have to get some copies of some of the group ones!! I'll have a big order coming up soon!!!
These look really, really good!!


Grandma Cooper said...

I agree with Kori and Kim -- great pictures!! I, too, am wanting copies of the group ones, especially one of you girls. I think the last one I have is from Kori's wedding!!!

Rankin Family said...

gosh for fun!!! I want to be a Rankin girl too!! you girls all look so good and all have fun!

Brittany said...

Thanks for posting! I was so excited to see wedding photos since we didn't get to party with you guys. Looks like everyone had a good time!! Can't wait for more...