Thursday, July 16, 2009


It all started one night when we were talking about movies instead of playing Bunco on Girls' Bunco night.

I mentioned that I loved any movie that was based on a Jane Austen book. I said that I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED "Pride and Prejudice" and that's when THE question was asked: "Which do you like better - the 2-hour or the 6-hour version?" I thought, "Here's someone that speaks my language." "Either," I replied, "It depends on my mood."

At that point, I thought about mentioning the fact that PBS was beginning a two-month Masterpiece Theater marathon of Jane Austen movies, but I was worried that I would be wearing my dorkdom a little too much on my sleeve for people I had just met. And then, she said, "Did you know that PBS is beginning a Jane Austen Masterpiece Theater marathon beginning this Sunday night?" I became a fan right then and there!

When she brought me a T-shirt from Girls State that said "A Woman's Place is In the House...AND In the Senate" I became a diehard. And, when I found out her husband read Ann Coulter books, I threw in the towel. They had no choice...they were going to have to be my friends for life. :)

So, when Sarah called and wanted me to not only take six-month pictures of her little guy, Leo, but also do three-month pictures of her lovely sister Laura's new baby girl Ava, I was thrilled. (sorry for the run-on sentence!!!)

Sarah and Laura, congratulations on your new babies. I'm so excited to see Leo and Ava grow over the years, and I couldn't have been more honored that you entrusted me to capture their budding personalities!

Below are a few of my favorites. Click here to see a few more of my favorites on my site.


In one picture, this describes Leo's personality. He was this happy for almost the entire shoot!

I think every mom should have a picture with their little guy...

...or their little girl.

Ava was pretty solemn for the first part of the shoot.

Leo - showing his displeasure at having to look at the camera instead of watching the kitties play nearby.

Ava - still somber.

Starting to warm up to me slightly.

The PERFECT drool picture!

Finally, I win Ava over!! Actually, it was all her mom. Laura was tickling her toes while I snapped away!


Grandma Cooper said...

What cute babies (and pretty moms)!! Great pictures, Kelly!

Brittany said...

Those are some serious faces on those kids - it about makes you want to cry until you see that little guy grinning from ear to ear. They are adorable!

And I can understand the sad, sad face on Leo having to wear that Cubs outfit :)

Anonymous said...

Cute kids! I love love love the drooling pic!

Also, I agree with Brittany about the sad face on the Cubs!


The Bible Family said...

Adorable pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. I think the one of Sarah and Leo is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

What cuties!!! And I can't believe how much hair they have!!! I'm not use to seeing babies with hair!!

I think Leo is just upset in that one picture about wearing a Cubs outfit..I would not want to smile either!! :)

Love ya..

Oh yeah...good pictures Kelly!!

Anonymous said...

Brittany....just so you know..I wasn't copying what you wrote..I never read the other comments until after I type what I think...just wanted you to know!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Kelly! You are becoming quite practiced with the kids!! I can't wait to see what you can do with Jacob this weekend in better circumstances than the last time you tried to work with him. He's not an easy client, I'll be the first to admit!

Excitied to see you and Colby!!!

Anonymous said...

I was also going to say these two kids are adorable!! I did start tearing up when I saw the one of Ava and her mom! What cuties!!!