Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mr. B

Two weeks ago my good friends Kurt and Jen had their very first baby, a little boy. Their due date was exactly one month before Baby Mac's due date; so, Jen has served as my "this is what's coming up for you" mentor. It has been nice to have someone to both smile and commiserate with during this pregnancy, and it brings a smile to my face when I go back and read some of our daily emails.

I had the pleasure of visiting them last weekend and snapping just a few pictures. Here are a few of my favorites.

I'm going to just lay here and act all cool and cute in my hat that Grandma and Grandpa got me for Christmas.

OK, I can't fake it anymore. I know I'm cute.

Back to acting nonchalant....

Has anyone noticed that I always have this effect on babies?

Because I'm the best baby ever, I'll look straight at the camera and give you a little half-smile.



The Waggoners said...

Kelly -- is that your white fuzzy, fluffly blanket? Where did you get it?

Kelly said...

Yes, it is, Cydil! I bought it and a brown one at Kohls. Plus, I found a great white, wooly rug at Walmart that works great too for babies. I threw the blanket over a bean bag and we took the pictures near a window and the Christmas tree for a little extra light. It worked well!

Brittany said...

Those pictures are adorable!! The hat is awesome so props go to grandma and grandpa. The little guy looks like he is a pro at the whole photo-shoot thing already :)

The Bible Family said...

Thanks Miss Kelly for capturing a few of the many faces of Mr. Brody for us!

Grandma Cooper said...

What a cutie!! Only makes us more anxious for yours to get here, Kelly! Can't wait!! Did you have a doctor's appointment yesterday?

Anderson said...

What a handsome baby!! Congratulations Kurt and Jen!! He's adorable!!
Kelly, get that baby out!!! We are getting extremely anxious up here!!!