Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yesterday Aunt Kori and Cousin Amelia came to visit Colby. Kori brought three boxes of hand-me-down clothes from both her and Karen for us to go through for Colby. She was a lifesaver taking charge of sorting clothes, washing them, and organizing Colby's closet and dresser for me! Thank you so much, Kori! It would have taken me weeks to get around to getting this done!

We're all still doing well and trying to find some semblance of a schedule...'trying' being the operative word. Right now Colby seems to have her days and nights mixed up. She wants to sleep all day long and have a bit of a party at night. I'm desperately trying to get this reversed.

The side benefit of Kori visiting was that we also got to spend time with cousin Amelia. Here are a few pictures from the last day or so.

Kori and Colby saying hi to each other.

Amelia's classic sleeping pose...too funny!

Nick taking over last night after he got home from work.

Amelia with her favorite toy: the sea turtle.

Colby with her crusty milk mouth.

Another view of the crusty milk mouth.

Amelia and Colby hanging out on the floor while Kori and I worked in the bedroom.

Kori thinks Colby will outgrow her newborn onesies in the length first and not the girth.

Someone pick me up!!!! I'm tired of being down here on the floor!!!

Amelia 'enjoying' her cereal.

Nick and Colby right now as I'm posting this
...in their favorite evening pose.

Thanks for checking in! Kori took video of Colby and is posting it on her blog this week. So, check in there! Also, I have been really lazy taking pictures...not in quantity, but in quality. So, if you check my blog for the pictures, I promise I'll soon get back to being pickier in what pictures I post and making sure that I've done a good job when taking them and not letting the camera do all the work!


Anderson said...

Yay, for more pictures!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Kelly! As I told you the other day, I'm continually checking the blog for more so I appeciate you posting as often as you have! This is so darn hard not being able to drive to your house to hold Colby - especially when I see Kori holding her! I'm jealous!
I love the picture of Amelia and Colby lying next to each other; just hangin' out! That's the first picture I've seen of Colby not all bundled up and wow she looks long!
Thanks for the pics!

Jan said...

Hi Kelly,
I wonder if all babies are born with their days and nights reversed? My newest nephew (born Nov. 29th) was the same way. At the pediatrician's advice we kept the house bright and noisy during the day and him right in the middle of it. He'd still sleep but not as deeply. And if it was time for him to be awake (the Babywise routine is eat, wake, sleep) then we'd do our best to keep him awake or just not let him get too sound asleep. A few of those days he was given several baths when he wouldn't stay awake to eat! Then at night it was kept as quiet and dark as possible, even during feedings. It took a week or so, but he's a great sleeper at night now, almost 8 hours!
So, stick with it, it's certainly work making them conform to your routine as much as possible, rather than giving into what they seem to want to do.

Anonymous said...

She is so darn cute!! I have shown her pictures all over my office and the nurses here can't get over her hair either!! I can't wait to see her and you again.

Love you,
Aunt Gail

Brittany said...

That hair just amazes me! And I gotta say, the photo of Amelia with her cereal is priceless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures Kelly! I always thought Colby was so long and big but then up against Amelia she's just a little squirt! And yay for those two lying together...they are going to be best friends, I can just tell!

Love you!