Monday, September 9, 2013

Pictures of the house...finally....I'm sorry!

OK, here are pictures of the house post-remodeling. There will be more coming later, but I thought I would get these out there this evening yet!

Living Room_Before

Living Room After

Dining Room. By the way, this light was one of my favorite buys....$35 on Ebay!

Grandma, do you recognize this picture? It's my favorite...the one you got me for Christmas several years ago. I like how it represents Noah's Ark as dark and stormy vs all light and cheery.

Kitchen before

Kitchen eating area...cabinets area to follow later this week!

Mudroom before:

Mudroom after. By the way, Nick and I are pretty proud of our tiling job in this took us forever though...we were up til midnight the night we did it! Also, one of my favorite things we've done is to put this huge closet pantry in place of those little cabinet pantries!

Foyer Before

Foyer and hall after

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