Saturday, September 7, 2013

Please commiserate with me!!!

As most of you know, they have delayed our cabinets repeatedly over the last two months. We have been without a kitchen since the first week of April! First, they were supposed to be done at the end of April, then mid-May, then by Memorial Day weekend, then June 4th. Now they're promised for the week of June 4th with the guarantee that if they're not installed by that Friday we get all of our money back! Yesterday we did get our new appliances though! Which was quite exciting! And, no...we didn't go stainless...I didn't want to have the fingerprint problems that some of our friends have with them!

Below please see a picture of my current kitchen in our dungeon-basement...and yes!...I'll take anyone's pity at this moment!

Kim, I promise I'll get pix uploaded this weekend of the rest of the house....wanted to wait for my 3-day weekend though to get a good cleaning in before I took pictures!

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