Monday, March 24, 2014

The Sisterhood of Weis

I first met Vanessa a few years ago. My husband's family buys their vehicles from her at the Ford dealership in Effingham. Honestly, I'm surprised she still talks to me. I test drove vehicles for over a year until finally buying one. Then I drove it for two months and traded it in again...I couldn't get used to an SVU after driving a car for so long! As Nick and I consider getting a bigger vehicle sometime in the near future, I'm sure if Vanessa had ulcers, they'd start flaring up soon! Evidently, I'm THAT horrible! :) But she's that good...that she puts up with me! She's like an expert barrister at Starbucks. She knows I take my cars white, red, or black with a tan interior, good gas mileage, and an MP3 player outlet. I like to think she has everyone's car choices memorized...however, it could just be mine since she searched for over a year for me. (so sorry, Vanessa)

Anyways, we've talked often about updating her family pictures, and so, we've been trying to get together for, like, over a year to do a portrait session. And, finally, we decided to heck with basketball schedules, working late, and all that summer brings, we were going to get together and take little Miss Drew's two-year pictures. I was a little bummed that her three older sisters couldn't make it to the session, but I was going to take what time I could get of these cuties' time. To my great delight, I got an email from their mom the day before saying the older girls' schedule had cleared up, and they were going to be along too...just for one picture or two, because you know, it was Drew's birthday pix. And, I was all like, whatever...we're going to do this up right; so, you come dressed too for a family picture as well!

Below are a few of my favorites of the beautiful Weis Women. Click here to see a few more!

Older sister Molly (#2) rocks her stylish glasses. I love them.

Older sister Madison (#1) has the best laugh. I had 20 different laughing pictures, and I had to decide which one was my know how I love a good laughing picture!

Older sister Abby (#3) is a phenom basketball player...and has the bluest of eyes ever.

And, here's the lady of the hour: Drew...the baby and the boss!

There's nothing like a sisterhood....

Taking a break between shots.

The entire beautiful family!

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