Friday, March 14, 2014

Ikea, Mother's Day, and the ROCKET

This past weekend me and three friends made the sojourn to Chicago-land to hit the great store of Ikea. All four of us had a list of essentials....and we came home with the essentials and a BIT more. :)

In the course of discussing who would drive our group to Ikea, my new friend, Sara, mentioned that we could take her mini-van, which she told me REPEATEDLY in the email was 'awesomeness.' I teasingly informed her that if you had to reiterate constantly that something was 'awesomeness' that maybe it wasn't. She told me that I was SO wrong, and that it really WAS 'awesomeness.' OK, Sara!

To make her feel better, I told her about my old days at Deere and how when you were told you had to go on some trip the first thing you did was race to the fleet car sign-up sheet. Our fleet was made up of six brand new Grand Prix and one poor, lonely mini-van. Because I was one of four new hires, it was soon deemed that senior members of the staff could bump us from the Grand Prix's; so, I literally spent a whole summer of my life riding around with three other guys across the Midwest attending really exciting classes like '4WD hydraulics.' We nicknamed our beast "The ROCKET" and made the best of it.

Sara decided she liked that name and has now named her own loser-cruiser "The ROCKET" Yesterday I got the mail and found a Mother's Day card from Sara....below is the front of the card...with a note on the inside saying she "just couldn't resist when she saw this card!"

If you'd like to see a few more pix of our big IKEA trip, go to Sara's blog by clicking here.

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