Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dan and Leanne - Engaged

Leanne and I first bonded over vacuuming...we both love 'freshly mowed carpet' know, the lines that are in the carpet right after you've vacuumed. Then we bonded over cheap Chinese food. She lives in the quad cities right now, and I lived there for four years of my life. I told her that my friends and I used to get cheap Chinese food at the HyVee grocery store and watch Thursday night TV. She gets the same Chinese with her friends, and they watch Grey's Anatomy.

Leanne's beautiful, smart, and has a great smile. Right when you're on the brink of being intimidated by her, you find out that her idea of make-up is chapstick....and then you fully realize that she's a girl you can sit around with in loungey pants eating cheap Chinese food and watching fun TV. So, it's no wonder that Dan's decided to do just that with Leanne for the rest of his life. He getting the best of all worlds: beauty, brains, laughter, and a girl who's down-to-earth enough to consider chapstick her favorite beauty product. :)

Dan and Leanne, you're beautiful...both of you! But, as smart as you both are, you were VERY wrong about one thing: You take EXCELLENT pictures! The camera loves you both!!!

Congratulations and can't wait until next June!


Can I even tell you how much I love this picture?!!!! One of my all-time favorite engagement pictures!

We took Dan and Leanne's engagement pictures at her family's pond. Her dad has an old pontoon that doesn't work that he loves dearly and his kids make fun of. This picture is for her dad. Leanne said she's sure it'll be up in his office...not because of her, but because of the boat. :)

Hey, hey, good-lookin'!

"We don't take very good pictures." Yep, that's what they told me. They're humble or they lie.

Leeanne's got the prettiest eyes.

And killer fashion.

Is anyone weired out by the fact that I've literally sat, stared, and smiled at this image? That's how much I love this picture. :)

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