Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It's THAT Time of Year!!!

Yes, everyone, it's THAT time of year! Because my family celebrates our Christmas at Thankgiving (aka Thanks-Christmas to those of you newbies to the blog), I start getting into the holiday spirit, let's say, around October 1st. :) Maybe it's all the family portrait sessions that I know will end up on Christmas cards...maybe it's the down comforter on my bed...or maybe it's all the cinnamon and pine candles that begin appearing on the Yankee Candle shelves at stores. In any case, I mentally begin my holiday season.

Some people's choice of music is R&B, Country, or Pop...mine is Christmas. I'm still waiting to be asked to be a guest judge on some Christmas music awards that I just know will exist at some point. Every year, I try to add a bit to my Christmas classics. If you weren't a blog reader last year, you can click here to get the full list of classics from years past. And, here are my picks so far this year.

  • Merry Chrismas, Baby by Nicole C. Mullen
  • Lamb of God by Nicole C. Mullen......oh my gosh, I'm in LOVE with this song and listen to it nonstop!!!.....and it's not what you'd expect at all as far as beat, but I LOVE the message and visuals.
  • Redeemer by Nicole C. Mullen....yes, not a Christmas song, but I have it on my Christmas playlist, and really, shouldn't all Christmas music be Christian music and vice versa????!!! Anyway, this song gets to like a bring-a-tear-to-my-eye way. Excellent message in reminding us that God is in control.
  • I Need a Silent Night by Amy Grant....yes, no list would be complete without Amy on the list! Fun, upbeat tune that reminds us, again, of what Christmas should be about.

And, because blog posts aren't fun without a bit of eye candy, just wanted to let everyone know that my sister Kim has uploaded a selection of her custom Christmas cards to my site! Take a peak and see if there are any you might just be the featured family in one or two of them as well!!

You can access the cards by going to > Clients > Password "Christmas".

And, as a means of contributing to my annual Christmas music post, Kim says do not buy the new Sheryl Crowe Christmas her words, it echoes her last name. :)

Happy Holidays!!


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