Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Colby: New Videos

Here's a few videos of Colby over the last couple of months. Sorry a couple of them are so old, but once I sat down and started watching them, a couple made me laugh; so, I thought I would share!

The first one is of Colby way back in October. At that point, she would take one or two steps from the couch into my arms, but she would get so nervous...almost like her first experience of stage fright!

Not the most fun video...but you gotta love the hat!

Colby laughing hysterically one morning before church at Allison! At this point, she was getting more confident in her walking.

This is from tonight. She gets going as fast as she absolutely can and then looks for something to crash into. On a side note, the goat she's carrying around is from her first shopping trip to "Over the Moon"...our kids specialty store in Effingham. I took her there on January 1st and she couldn't take it all in. She turned her head from one side to the other saying, "ooooohhhhhhh.....ooooooooooh" at all other colors and toys. Of all the things in the store, my child picked a goat. If we ask her, "where's bill goat?" she'll run and find him. If we ask her, 'where's mommy...where's daddy?", she looks at us dumbly. Shows you where we rank.

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