Friday, February 7, 2014


Krista first mentioned to me at my friend Lisa's baby shower that she wanted me to take their family portraits this fall, and when I deployed my website several months ago, she was the very first one to email me from the site itself to set a date for a portrait session (Thank you, Krista!...I'll forever remember you for that!!).

When I finally showed up at their house two weeks ago, Krista looked at her husband and forewarned him, "Did I tell you that Kelly likes to trespass to get her pictures?" You see, on my way to their house, I had passed an old abandoned farm with lots of old buildings and treasures to discover. A photographer's dream and a parent's nightmare...

First, though, we set out across the road to a relative's house (I was trying to be well-behaved and forego the trespassing). But, after a while, I turned to Krista and her husband and said, "Let's take a chance and head back to that old farm!" I've not been kicked off a property yet (I know it's coming), because not only did I get three adorable, photogenic, well-behaved kids to work with that night, but the old farm had a couple of surprises for me too!

Krista, thank you SO much for allowing me to photograph your family. I have so many great things to say about your kids...but I'll leave all of that for the comments on the pictures below!

As usual, my favorites are below, and you can see a few more from there session by clicking here.

This is how Little Man "W" felt about the entire picture taking process. Why would you want to get your picture taken when there are so many things to discover in the world?!!

But, a game of peek-a-boo around the corner of a building finally got him to play along.

...and that little game got me this pic...hard to see on the blog, but "W" has beautiful blue eyes.

All of the kids had beautiful eyes of different colors. Big sister "S" is showing off hers!

Here was one of my surprises behind the old barns!!! Three rusted out 1950's trucks! I was so excited!!! I will be trespassing again on that farm soon!!! :) Don't you love her 'serious' look!!

Big Sister "A" taking a breather from the photo shoot. This might rank in my top 10 favorite photos of all time. I love it.

A sweet moment between dad and son. If "W" could talk, he would probably say, "Dad, Dad, make the crazy woman with the camera quit following me around!"

My favorite of their family photos.

Thanks for checking in! KM

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