Saturday, February 15, 2014


Colby is nine months old tomorrow! To celebrate her birthday, I've loaded some videos of her below.

She is speed-crawling and getting into EVERYTHING. She knows what 'no' means, but still loves to chew on electric cords and get into my desk drawers. She has been pulling herself up to anything for the last several weeks is getting pretty daring about letting go and standing on her own for several seconds. Last night as I was sitting on the floor near where she was standing, and she took a lunge at me. I wouldn't call it a first step, but maybe a first try?

She's still a good sleeper and is also a good eater. She likes her veggies just as much as her fruits, which is good. She's started refusing the bottle quite a bit lately; so, Carolyn has been feeding her mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks when she refuses her bottle. Since she turns nine months tomorrow, I'm thrilled to move her up to the "Next Step" formula which is less expensive. Woot!

To celebrate her birthday, I've included three videos below. The first is of her taking a bath in the sink. She's a regular Michael Phelps in the bathtub, but sometimes I don't want to clean up the mess and the kitchen sink works so nicely for that. Second is a video of her motoring around the kitchen in her walker. The camera threw her off, but normally she can maneuver around the table and chairs, into the mudroom, and back again. The last video is of her having an "Aunt Kim" moment. When we were little, Kim would toddle up to Karen and I as we were eating ice cream on the couches on opposite sides of the living room. She'd lean up against the couch and say, "mmmm bite?"....which translated to, "Can I have a bite, please?" We'd give her a bite and when she'd want another we'd make her toddle across the living room and get the next bite from the other sister. We were eating supper in the living room tonight and Colby was obsessed with eating my broccoli; so, I let her eat small pieces off my jeans (mother of the year here!).

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