Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yes, the holidays are coming up fast....especially for my family. We celebrate my immediate family's Christmas at Thanksgiving...we call it "Thanks-Christmas"...with five kids in the family, holidays started to really get hectic as one by one we got married, moved out of state, etc. So, we decided to have our Christmas at Thanksgiving, which means I've been Christmas shopping now for over a month.

That also means that things like Christmas cards have been on my mind. But, I'm lucky in that department. Each year, I call my sister Kim, explain to her what I want my Christmas card to look like, say, etc., and she designs it and prints it for me. She's been doing this for several years, and now she does wedding invitations, custom birthday invites, and more.

So, this year, as we started talking about what I wanted my Christmas card to look like this year, she told me that she had designed a bunch of them ahead of time. I told her she should upload them to my site so that people like me (i.e. too busy/lazy to go to Walmart and look through their options and also too picky/snobby to have a card like everyone elses!) could order them from her.

So, if you'd like to take a gander at some of Kim's designs, go to my site and use the password "Christmas"....or email her at if you have a custom idea that you would like her to design. She'll work with you on your design, print them, and ship them to you....heck...she'll even print the addresses on the envelopes for you too! As an added bonus, she keeps track of who in what areas have ordered what card so that the two families don't end up with similar cards.

Also, I know there are a few people out there who still need to get their family portrait orders in! I'll be following up with you this week so that we can get those on the walls of your home prior to Thanksgiving! :) AND, I've been working my poor computer mouse to the bone the last two weeks editing pictures. To those that had family pictures taken in the last few weeks, your emails are coming to you in the next several days with your proofing galleries. Which also means, the blog has a lot to be posted!

And, because a post isn't as much fun without a few pictures, here are a few of my two favorite people. I'm up in Chicago at a workshop right now, but I'm excited to see these two tonight when I get home!

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