Monday, February 3, 2014


A couple of months ago I got an interesting phone call. There was going to be a huge birthday 80th celebration and would I come and take pictures of not only the event itself, but also take family pictures. Having not met a single member of the celebrating family, I wasn't quite sure what to expect! I arrived, met several of the family members, and when the guest of honor arrived, he looked around and said, "Well, every one in the this room belongs to me in some way...except you, who are you?" "I'm the photographer," I replied. He came up and gave me a hug. That's how I met Cloide Carruthers.

As Cloide and Patty's ten children....and 30 grandchildren...and 14 great-grandchildren all began to arrive, I began pulling people outside to start snapping family portraits.

When we were done, Cloide walked up to me and told me for the rest of the day I was an honorary member of the family. I could not have been more honored.

I'm sure Cloide isn't probably going to be checking my blog, but if any of the family members happens to read this, please tell him and Patty both that they have a beautiful, warm-hearted family and it was a thrill to be an honorary family member for the day!

A few of my favorites from the day are below. Click here to see a few more!

Thanks for checking in! Kelly

The man of honor and his Mrs. This is the smile that was on Cloide's face all afternoon.

Cloide, Patty, and their ten children.

...and with the majority of their 30 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

With their four sons.

The six Carruthers sisters. By the way, the six sisters reminded me of my own aunts and sisters. They were heckling each other throughout the picture-taking process. I told them that my aunts all call each other by the same vulgar name. Here they were trying to guess what that vulgar name was!!! :)

OK, this is the one that I'm worried about. I'm 99% sure this is Amy and her daughters and grandson. There's 1% of me that is worried that I have this wrong and this is Heidi! There were so many new names to learn!! :) Heidi/Amy, I am so sorry if I have this wrong!
Kelly and his wife Ann serve as missions in Botswana and made the trip home for the celebration.

Tim wanted his pictures taken with the Wayne Feeds sign. Eydie wasn't quite so sure about it!

By the way, Kathy, your family is VERY photogenic. I couldn't believe the pictures when I downloaded them to my computer!

Granddaughter Megan was there with her fiance. They are getting married in October and didn't have engagement pictures; so, while we were waiting for family members to arrive, we headed outside for ten minutes and took a few. They are a beautiful couple!

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