Saturday, February 8, 2014


One of the great pleasures I've experienced since releasing my website two months ago is getting to meet people who Nick grew up with. I've heard their names, and yet have never gotten to meet so many of them until now!

One of the first people that emailed me after releasing my site was Kinda. She had one growing toddler (K1)and one brand new baby boy (K2), and would I please come and do K2's 3mos pictures...and perhaps a few of the boys together and of K1 on his own!
Toddlers...especially little boys!...can keep me on my toes, but can I just say that this was the EASIEST shoot ever! Their mom was a genius! I want to steal her awesome idea for my own, but alas, in the interest of being honest and giving credit where credit is due, I have to admit that the ploy to get K1 to get his pix taken was all hers. (Insert sigh of regret here that I didn't think of it myself!)

I showed up in the evening, and we started with a few pictures of K2. After the baby got a touch fussy, we decided to take a break and snap a few of his older brother. Now, here's the genious idea: Kinda had gotten K1 his own play camera. He and I became fast friends! We ran around the farm. I would find a great place for a picture and then sit and show him how I wanted him to smile and act. He would 'take' a picture of me with his play camera, and then we'd switch! I usually count on 30-45 minutes of good shooting time with a 3yo; however, with this little game going on, K1 wanted to play all night!

I had so much fun, and as a result, I had to sort through over 200 pictures and pick out my favorite 40-50! It was so tough...especially when you throw in the boys' killer blue eyes!

Kinda, thank you so much for calling me! It was such a pleasure getting to meet you and the boys, and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks for the extended family pictures!!!

A few of my favorites are below, and you can click here to see a few more!

Take care and thanks for checking in!

I love taking pictures at farms where there's tons of old, rustic buildings and equipment to use! And, K1 is the perfect little model!

Older brother giving little brother a little bit of support for their pictures together!

I can't even remember what we were doing here! But, I crack up every time I see this picture! I think I was trying to get him to go take pictures somewhere else, and he REALLy wanted to stay near this barn!

Look at these blue eyes! They mesmerize me! This is an example of a picture where all you can do is stare at the eyes...and later, you can't even remember what else was going on in the picture...which is something I love in an image. And, with this little cutie, I have tons of images like this!

Sweet moment between mom and her boys!

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