Saturday, July 19, 2014

Brody + Nikki - A Central Illinois Farm Wedding

After seven years of shooting weddings, I can honestly say that the weddings of those I know personally are often the hardest.  Not the shooting or being at the not at all.  But afterwards, when you're editing or designing the's so much harder to be objective when you know the couple personally!And I found this no more so than with the lovely Nikki and Brody's wedding!  Nikki went to school with my younger sister, and Brody was a family friend of my husband!  And I can honestly say that this was one of the hardest weddings EVER to design an album for!  I wanted EVERYTHING in their album!!They are smart, kind, witty, and the calm in the midst of the craziness that a wedding day can be!I hope you enjoy a few of my faves from their beautiful wedding and reception that was hosted on Nikki's family's horse farm!Blessings to you all! ~Kellylittlewed-108-exp

I was at a photography workshop once and someone said, "Why do you guys shoot ring shots?  There's no emotion in a ring shot."  I replied, "No, not right then...but years down the road, should it get lost or should a great, great-granddaughter inherit that wedding album with that image, there is emotion.  It's emotion that comes years later."  Personally, ring shots are one of my favorite things to do on the wedding day.  I like a bit of color from their wedding colors, and also a bit of bling in...usually a bracelet or necklace of the bride.  In this image, her flowers are back about 9" from the wedding rings, and that's some of Nikki's jewelry 'pointing' towards the ring from the left.


Nikki and Brody will live in her childhood home on the horse farm, and this is Nikki's childhood bedroom, and once I saw the ribbons on the wall and the beautiful rocking horse, I knew this is where the wedding dress HAD to be.


Having a bit of wedding day fun with the dress reflection.  That framed newspaper has Nikki's picture in it.


To me this is Nikki, stunningly beautiful, but with the most ornery look in her eyes!  I adore my farm girls SOOO much!!!


A message from Brody threatened the make-up, but we were alright!


And here's the handsome Brody!  We took a few minutes on the HOTTEST of HOT days this summer to take a few portraits of this great guy!!!


I at first planned on doing their First Look in a grove of trees near the house, but one of Nikki's bridesmaids said, "No, do it in the stable...that is where they are at all of the time.  That is their place."  So, we did.


Then it was Brody's turn to tear up.  He was in awe of his lovely bride.


I love this image because you can almost see the hint of the happy tears in Nikki's eyes!


Nikki's mother passed away when she was younger, and I love how she was still honored during the ceremony.


No timid wedding kiss here!  These are two were SO happy to be married.  I loved it!!!


The three of us wandered the back roads of my home town, and I captured the first hour of these two being man and wife!


Brody being ornery off to the side....


...resulted in this beautiful smile!!


I have no idea what Brody was saying here!!!


We then headed back to the stable for there reception!!


A quick shout-out to one of my favorite DJ's, Clint McGraw!  Always a pleasure to show up at a reception and find him at the table!  Over the last seven years, we've had a few conversations like this:  "Clint!  I didn't know you were DJ'ing tonight!"  "Kelly, you were the one that referred me to this couple."  Sometimes I forget a year later when we're actually at the wedding.  But, in this case, Nikki knew both of us personally and Clint and I were thrilled to be there working together!


And sometimes, the guests are just the one in the center, my ornery husband.


When the speeches began, we also got to sing Happy Birthday to Brody's wonderful mother, Cindy!


Nikki and Brody, thank you SOOO much for allowing me to enter your world and document your wedding day.  You are two lovely souls, and I cannot wait to see your family and relationship grow in the future!  Sooooo many blessings to you both in the years to come!!! ~Kelly

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