Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nick + Alayna | Engaged

In wedding photography, for myself personally, there is no greater honor than when a friend or sibling of a former client asks me to photography their own wedding.  There are so many talented creatives out  there that I am in awe of day in and day out, and yet these wonderful people looked at my own work and saw some trace of what I see in others'...and I am so thankful for that!Nick and Alayna were one of these couples.  Alayna was a bridesmaid at the lovely Delayne and Brittany's wedding two years ago, and she remembered me and called me!  And I cannot wait for their wedding!  If they're engagement session is any indicator on how their wedding day will be, it will be full of wit and laughter!Here are a few of my favorites from their recent e-session!Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-191I start every single engagement session with what I call 'the grandparents' picture' know, the pose where both are looking at the camera, the engagement ring is easily seen, and it ends up as a 5x7 on the grandparents' buffet or desk, right?!!!  We laugh about it so much at the engagement session, but on the wedding day all I have to do is say 'grandparents picture' and they go right into this pose because they KNOW it's a pleaser with the grandparent crowd!  :)Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-192I think this is where I accidentally started calling Nick "Jake"...because Jake is his older brother who went to college with MY Nick!Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-195Sooooo, while editing these engagement pictures I perhaps became a bit obsessed with Alayna's it reminds me so much of Kate Middleton's hair!  Alayna, has anyone ever told you before that you have princess hair???Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-199Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-202Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-204

I love laughing pictures!


I love these two images so much!!!  You both are simply stunning!

Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-207Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-208So Nick is probably not going to be happy with me for telling this story, but I love it!  I always tease the groom at an engagement session about how I just KNOW that they were looking forward to this ALL week long.  Alayna started joking that Nick was not a 'PDA person'.  Nick replied "Unlike her family...where there's a LOT of feelings."  I'm still smiling about that...but Nick, I have to say, I LOVE the PDA in these two images!!!!  Probably my favorites from your entire shoot!!!Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-209

Yep, #1 FAVE right here...PDA and all!!

Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-211 Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-215

There's Alayna again with her perfectly wind-blown Kate Middleton hair.

Effingham-IL-Engagement-Session-Pictures-216Alayna and Nick!  Thank you so much for being relaxed, fun, and witty that morning!  I cannot wait for your wedding and all that you have planned!  Blessings to you both!Kelly

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