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A Ballard Nature Center Wedding | Jamie + Matt

The email came just a few months ago:  Last minute (but easy going) bride here! If you have an opening that weekend I would love to talk about photos!…...And by the way, you’ll be dealing with the most laid-back bride ever."And she was right.We met over coffee.  We talked about how she and Matt had met while she was dating someone else, but he bided his time and waited for her.  After they started dating, she moved to the Midwest for him.  They’ve spent the last couple of years thinking about their wedding…and planning it.  But, in the end, they wanted something simple, outdoors, with just their loved ones nearby.So, on a beautiful, sunny Saturday in September, Matt and Jamie married each other with their families and beloved friends close by.Matt and Jamie, thank you SO much for allowing me to be with the both of you on your wedding day!  Your love for each and for your family and friends was an inspiring note now which to end my summer wedding season!…and I thank you for that.Below are a few of my faves from Jamie and Matt’s wedding day…and don’t miss the video at the end telling the story of their day!Blessings!Kelly

Jamie + Matt | A Wedding at Ballard Nature Center

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 148

Jamie and Matt got married at the beautiful Ballard Nature Center in Altamont, IL.  I have been there SOOO many times, but this beautiful park never disappoints!…both inside and out!

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 123 Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 127 

Jamie and Matt’s wedding colors included a beautiful shade of eggplant purple.  One of the things I like to do at a wedding is find items, either inside or out, that include shades of the bride’s wedding colors.  That way the images that go in their wedding album tell a ‘color story’ throughout each page of images.  And, Ballard did not disappoint!  Here are Jamie and Matt’s rings with beautiful flowers and berries from around the park.

 Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 130

 Because every flower girl wants to be just like the bride, right???

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 133

 Jamie having a fun moment with her bridesmaids before the wedding!

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 136

 Jamie, you are beautiful!!  Your smile is infectious!  I hope looking at this image always reminds you of that! 

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 140 Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 141

These two!  In their adorable vintage-style lace dresses!  I die!!

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 163

Matt - all ’thumbs-up’ after I-do’s have been said!

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 177

After the wedding, Matt, Jamie and I walked around the grounds for some beautiful wedding day portraits!

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 179

I adore this image of Jamie walking down the path with all of the greens, purples, and yellows surrounding her!

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 181Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 174

Aannnddd, I couldn’t post an entire wedding without posting at least ONE laughing picture, right?  Because they’re my faves!!!

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Pictures 185

Funny story - When I was growing up, my Dad used to say that he had two rules for mine and my sisters’ weddings:  1) We had to have all of our sisters in the wedding - no picking and choosing allowed (not that that would ever be an issue with us, as we all get along and love each other dearly!), and 2) Our guests were to eat FIRST…as soon as they got to the reception!  I remember him saying that they were your guests!  Guests eat first!…and that he didn’t care if we fainted from hunger as long as they didn’t have to wait!  I had never in all my years met another family with that same rule….until I met Jamie!!!  Jamie has the same rule…we’ll take our pictures while our guests eat!!  We’ve laughed over that a few times over the last few months!

In this image, Jamie and Matt’s kind and WONDERFUL wedding party were already sitting and eating and came back for this one last picture around the lake!  Thank you, dear friends!  It was SOOO worth it!!!

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Reception Photos 119 Ballard Nature Center Wedding Reception Photos 118 Ballard Nature Center Wedding Reception Photos 120 Ballard Nature Center Wedding Reception Photos 121

Matt wouldn’t tell his mom what song they were dancing to.  I LOVE her reaction once the music started!!!

Ballard Nature Center Wedding Reception Photos 124

And, last, this image speaks a thousand words of Jamie’s relationship with her mother, who also gave her away at the wedding.  I love this image SO much, and I hope it’s treasured for years to come!

To see the slideshow from Jamie and Matt’s wedding, click here:

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