Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Ashmore Family!!!

I’m not sure how I met Jen really…perhaps it was first in our Sunday School class…but maybe it was at our book club…or maybe it was through our babysitter at the time, Caroline.  She was always the quiet one in our group….observing, laughing smiling.   I’m not really sure how our friendship began…but oh how glad I am that it did!  She is witty, smart, and her cynical sense of humor appears at just the right moments in my life!Jen is my ‘let’s have a drink in the pool on a Friday afternoon during the summertime’ friend…and my ‘let’s stand in the garage until 3 am solving the problems in the world’ friend in the winter!  And fortunately (or unfortunately) for us, our husbands have the same friendship!It took us a few years to get it successfully on the schedule, but Jen and Chris, thank you so much for sharing your family with us!  You are great neighbors, wonderful friends, and a true blessing on our family!Blessings to you!KellyEffingham IL family photograper 400

 Jen and Chris’s son Holden has been friends with our daughter Colby since they were both just toddlers.   He’s getting so grown-up and handsome!  Grow down, Holden!  Grow down!!

Effingham IL family photograper 405 Effingham IL family photograper 410

  This picture cracks me up every time I see it!  Younger son Crosby is right now into roaring at people.  He had just got done roaring at me when this picture was snapped!

Effingham IL family photograper 413

It’s fall.  There are leaves.  We are boys.

Effingham IL family photograper 415

Leaf fight!!

Effingham IL family photograper 422

I love this image.  The years are going to pass by much too quickly with the little ones!


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