Thursday, July 17, 2014

The End of an Era

 These old shoes....They make me cry a little bit, to be honest. I bought them while pregnant with Max five years ago. They were 'sneakers' of sorts...but they were just the fanciest of sneakers with their black patent accents! The perfect wedding photographer shoes to match my all-black outfits! Comfort and 'fancy' all wrapped up in one, right?!For five years these shoes have been part of my Saturday wedding uniform, and there's a part of me that wonders if I will keep them forever tucked away in a memory box just to remember this part of my life...this part of my life where I have been a witness to so many marriages and families coming together...this part of my life that's allowed me to have a career and yet still be at home with my children during the week...this part of my life that helped me redefine what 'success' should look like.Nick often jokes that if the Kelly in her 20's could see the Kelly in her XX's (not saying publicly on a blog, OK?!), would she even believe it? No, probably not! The Kelly of her 20's defined success and her identity based on career position, corporate grade level, and end-of-year bonuses. The older (maybe more wise??) Kelly defines success based on a successful marriage and raising productive, well-adjusted, Christian children.And so I move on to the next phase of my life...from this industry that has been such a blessing to me the last seven years...that allowed me to leave my corporate job and be at home with my family. It's been an idea in my head...and a few months ago I started telling new clients that I wasn't taking on any weddings for 2017, but I wasn't quite comfortable accepting it yet. I had to say it for a few months for it to become true in other ways. But, I know now that it is the right decision. That as my kids get older and weekend activities fill up the calendar, it is important for me to be the one chaperoning and driving and being a witness to ALL of their activities.Change is hard...I'm not going to lie...this computer screen is a bit blurred as I sit here and type away. But emotional as the decision might be, I also have strong convictions and know that it's the right decision!Thank you to all of my brides and clients over the last seven've been such a blessing on my life....not even just a have literally changed the trajectory of my life with your trust and generosity over the years. And now I can only hope that I can repay that to others in the next phase of my life and career!Blessings to you all!Kellyps - I have four more weddings in 2016...and I cannot wait to leave this industry with a BANG and make them my best work yet!!!

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