Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Reed Family!!

They’re leaving us.And we understand why, but it’s not like we have to like it.  Nope!  Not one bit!  But even though we don’t like it (not one bit!), we are SO happy for them!Two years ago, our good friends Val and Eric hit a curve in their journey towards parenthood when little Faith came SOOOO early.  Weighing barely two pounds at birth, she fought her way to the beautiful, ornery, little blue-eyed princess that she is today.  And while she grew, Eric and Val did too…in their faith and in what really mattered to them in life.This past summer God tapped Eric on the shoulder by way of an old employer calling him and offering him a dream job that, although it would mean moving away from our little community, would also allow Val to stay home with Faith and for them to spend a more quiet existence concentrating on their family.Eric, Val, and Faith - as I’ve chatted with our friends since you told us all your big news, there’s been one constant in each conversation: “I hate this!  Yet I’m SOOO happy for them!”  Know that you are loved and will be missed…and that we’re all just a phone call away!And now I have to quit typing because I’m crying.Love you guys!Kelly Effingham IL family photograper 424

 Her orneriness comes out SOOOO much in this image!  Those eyes!!!

Effingham IL family photograper 434Effingham IL family photograper 435Effingham IL family photograper 438Effingham IL family photograper 439

Pretty baby.  Pretty mama.

Effingham IL family photograper 444

Effingham IL family photograper 443 Effingham IL family photograper 447

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!”….Shakespeare, in “A Midsummer’s Night Dream"

Effingham IL family photograper 446

Annnnd, my favorite from our shoot!  Love this image to Tennessee and back!

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