Monday, July 21, 2014

Steven + Alexis | A Keller Center Wedding

A few weekends ago I had the absolute pleasure of shooting the wedding of Steven and Alexis!It's my last wedding this year...and what I THOUGHT was going to be my last wedding ever (more on that later!); so, I have to admit, it was a tad bittersweet! I absolutely love shooting weddings...everything from the emotion of the day to not knowing until I get there what the church or the reception hall might be like! But, even though there was a bit of sadness in the back of my mind, I was also glad that this 'last' wedding was with Steve and Alexis!They met while in high school, and Steven actually left his private school to attend public school with Alexis...and they've been together ever since. He's in law school, and she's a hair stylist, and although when I first them I thought to myself, "These two are SO young!", I quickly learned that these two had wise, mature souls. They knew what mattered to them most in life...their families and each other, and their wedding showcased just that. Although the theme and details were beautiful, it was their relationship with each other and their families that really stood out.Steven and Alexis, thank you SO much! Thank you for being the wonderful couple that you are and for making my 'last' wedding one of all the things that I've loved about shooting weddings the last seven years!Here are just a few of my favorites from their wedding day!Thank you for checking in!Kelly wolkewed-1003-exp

We started the day at Alexis's him church...and I just loved this custom made runner that went down the center aisle of the sanctuary!!

wolkewed-1002-exp wolkewed-1004-exp

A quick snap of Alexis's ladies before she got dressed!


Alexis and her mother have a very special relationship, and I really loved watching them get her ready.  SO MUCH LAUGHTER AND JOKING!


We stepped outside and took a few images of Alexis just after she had gotten dressed.  Isn't this little side yard at her church with the flagstone walkway adorable!


I then spent some time with the ever-handsome Steven!


He has a good 'lawyer' face.  :)


Finally man and wife!


Steven, Alexis, and the wedding party then headed over to a family friend's home to shoot some great wedding party portraits!


And while we were there, of course a few portraits of the bride and groom themselves!


This is my favorite of Steven out of all that we took of him that day!


We then headed to the Keller Center for their reception!  As always, the absolutely wonderful Katie Koester did a fabulous job coordinating their reception!  I will miss working with Katie SOOO much!


Once the dancing fully got underway, I remembered this little flash trick I used to do years ago to make the DJ's lights 'swirl' around the people dancing.


I think EVERYONE was having a great time along with me!!

Alexis and Steve, thank you, thank you, thank you!  So  many blessings are wished to the both of you in life!  Stay in touch, as I cannot wait to see your family in the years to come!!  ~Kelly

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