Friday, July 4, 2014

The Vonderheide Family

So, we first met about eight years ago on a shopping trip….her daughter was just a baby, and we were shopping with a mutual friend.  We made polite conversation, found out that we had both gone to the same university, shared a common religion, and a few other tidbits…as much as you can get to know someone in a 5-hour shopping trip where you split up and shop in separate places and join up for a quick lunch.I had just moved to my husband’s hometown area…a small farm town where I was just sure that I wouldn’t make friends with anyone.  Friendships and clicks had been formed on the first day of kindergarten, and I assumed I’d always be “Nick’s wife”…not Kelly.  But, I was from a small farm town myself...I knew how it was, and I just pulled myself up and knew that was just how it was going to be.However, several weeks later, I was at a wedding.  Nick had gone off to chat with friends, and I was left with a drink and some wedding mints at a table.  I looked over, and a couple of tables over, there was Allison…the girl from the shopping trip…sitting with her best friend from, well, probably from kindergarten, you know!  I took a drink and headed over to that table…prepared to smile nicely and just nod at whatever was being discussed.Four hours later, I had had a wonderful time, had made new friends, and I think even plans to get together again at a crazy group called “Bunko”…which is a dice game that in two years of going to Bunko we never played once!And I haven’t looked back once since.  This little town that I thought would always be ‘just where I lived’ is now home.  With friends like Allison who have prepared my children’s baptism dinners, sent me flowers when my mother passed away, and who I know would be there for me in a heartbeat should I need it.  We head out again soon for another shopping trip…and I’m sure more memories to make!!Here are a few of my favorites from Allison’s family session a few weeks ago!Blessings to you!Effingham IL family photograper 372 Effingham IL family photograper 368

Allison’s daughter was an infant in a high chair on our very first shopping trip!  Now she’s a crazy, horse-loving tween!  Where does the time go??

Effingham IL family photograper 375

At their last family pictures we did a series where Noah was doing the ‘airplane’ up in the air with his dad.  That’s all he could wait for on this picture day!  “Is it time yet???”…he kept asking!!!

Effingham IL family photograper 376 Effingham IL family photograper 378Effingham IL family photograper 379Effingham IL family photograper 390 Effingham IL family photograper 393 Vonderheide 35

 And the little man got his wish! 


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