Friday, January 31, 2014


Today is Colby's seven-month birthday! Geesh! Where has the time gone!

She's starting to develop quite the personality. She's pretty giggly and smiley still; however, she has started to do the whole whining thing when people leave the room. It's quite annoying, and we hope she gets over it.

She's army crawling everywhere, and this week she started pulling herself up to things. It doesn't matter if it's a couch, toy, or person, she gets herself into a standing position and wobbles back and forth for a while until she takes a tumble. I took video of it today, but since I didn't have time today to download it to my computer and upload it to the blog, in it's place I'm offering some recent pictures that Carolyn sent me of Colby and Henry playing!

Video will be coming sometime this week hopefully...along with some family and children's portraits I've been working on!!

Thanks for checking in! Kelly

Carolyn told me that Colby figured out that she could pull on the tabs on Henry's diaper. Geesh. Last thing a mother wants to hear about her little girl.

She's always so excited to see Henry in the morning. She gets all smiley when she sees him. :)
Btw, this picture was taken the day Colby got her six-month shots. Little story about that: There were a TON of 5-year-olds in the lobby waiting to get shots for kindergarten. We went back, Colby cried for a second and was done by the time we left the room. As we exited the building, I heard someone yell, "Hey!" I turned around, and there on the sidewalk outside the door was a group of 5-year-olds. The one that had yelled at me proceeded to ask, "Did she get shots?" "Yes," I replied. "Then why isn't she still crying?" she asked back. "Because it only hurts for one second. It's like someone pinching you. If you cry longer then one second you're being a big baby," I told the group. "Hmmm," the ringleader replied, and the group went back into the building They had to think about that one for awhile. I chuckled the entire time I was putting Colby in her carseat.

Either hanging out or in timeout. Knowing my child, it's probably timeout.

Carolyn had to get a second exersaucer/walker because they would each get upset when the other was playing in the exersaucer. Now they get upset when the other's getting a bottle...even if they've just had one and aren't hungry. God bless Carolyn and her patience.

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