Thursday, January 30, 2014


WARNING: This is a REALLY long post. Why? Because I just couldn't decide which images from a recent shoot were my favorites!!! So, I've posted a TON of them!!!

I have to admit, it's a treat when I get to shoot a couple of young men that are as handsome and cute as these two are, but when you throw in FUN personalities too, what's a girl to do! That's how you end up with 100 'favorite' images from a session!!!

Since moving to Shelby County 2 1/2 years ago, Hair Extraordinaire Brigit has been taking care of my mane needs ( my play on words?). Occasionally, while Brigit snips away, her polite and adorable boys come in with a quick question. Sometimes it's 'can I have a snack'...'sometimes it's can I play a computer game'...and sometimes it's 'Mom, where's the stapler? I need it to make Peter Pan pants out of this green paper.' I love their big eyes and their even bigger imaginations.

I do truly believe that you should capture kids' personalities as they are; so, when Brigit asked if I would take her boys' pictures, I asked her to trust me and bring a couple of their superhero costumes along!

A few of my favorites from our session are below. Click here to see a few more!...or read through all the way to the bottom of this post where there's a link to see all of Briar and Wyatt's images!

Look at those eyes!!!

One of my tricks that I use with kids (and adults) is that I tell them not to smile. They either can't contain their smile (and I snap away), or when I tell them that they can now smile it's a great natural smile. Wyatt informed me during one of our 'non-smiling' moments that his mom probably wasn't going to like any of those pictures. :)

I think this is my favorite picture of Briar out of the whole day. I love his eyes and his gentle smile!

I think this one will make Brigit both happy and sad. Happy that her son looks so handsome. Sad that he looks so grown-up in this picture!!

Wyatt has the J Crew pose down.

A sweet, simple pose from Briar. At one point, I was down on the ground shooting pictures. Seeing me down on the grass, Briar all of sudden asked, "Kelly, are those your play jeans?!" Yes, Briar, when you're my age, they're ALL play jeans. :)

I've actually had these pictures done for over a week. However, at the original shoot, almost every time I'd ask the boys to smile, Wyatt would turn and look at Briar and I wouldn't get his smile head on. So, I called Brigit this week and asked her if I could come over for just ten minutes to get this picture! I had to get one where I could see their beautiful eyes AND their beautiful smiles!

Briar cracking up at either me or Wyatt! For my own pride, I'm going with Wyatt! You have to love his expression though!

After we were done with the 'real' pictures, the boys changed into their superhero outfits. Watch out! Superman is mad!

Spiderman is mad too!

Spiderman is stretching...getting ready to take off and catch some bad men!

I asked Briar who his favorite movie character was. He told me Darth Maul off of the Star Wars movies. "Isn't he bad, though," I asked. "Yes, Kelly, but he has a double-edged light saber." Duh, Kelly, duh!

When I asked Wyatt about characters he liked, he told me he liked "Edward" off of Twilight. Well, any followers of this blog know how I feel about that. Wyatt, if you treat girls like Edward treats Bella, you will get all the girls!

Wyatt and Briar, I had SO much fun at your shoot! Not only are you both handsome young men, but you are also polite, caring, and have great imaginations! I wanted to do something special for you. So, I put together this slideshow for you. Click here to view it. I hope you recognize the music!!!

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