Monday, January 27, 2014


Boston had the Big Dig. The McCormicks had the Big Pour.

This past Saturday our friends showed up to help Nick pour a gigantic patio for us. For the 2 1/2 years that we've lived here (btw, 2 1/2 years is a record for me in once house), I've cringed every time I've rounded the curve in our drive and see the back of our house. It SO did not have any curb appeal, and since the entrance to our house is in the back, I hated it when I had to host baby showers, family dinners, etc. at our house.

I know, I thing at a time, but when Nick and I sat down and prioritized projects on our house (finish new windows, new siding, landscaping, remodel bathroom, on and on and on) the first thing on my list was a patio. I wanted something that I could put potted flowers and furniture on that would distract people from the rest of our remodeling project called a house!!

The Big Pour was scheduled for two Fridays ago while I was in MN. I thought I would come home to this rural leisure oasis, but it got cancelled and I figured it would not happen until next summer. So, I was thrilled when Nick told me last week that they were pouring the patio over the weekend! Woohoo!

Here are a few pictures.

All framed up and ready to go!

Nick with his brother Heath.

Taking a break and waiting for the second cement delivery. Brandon on extreme left is our friend who loves to pour concrete and makes several trips down in the summer to take care of all of the McCormick concrete needs...and that's a lot! Last summer Heath and Autumn got a patio and drive. This summer it's us, and Ferd and Arlene are next on the list.

The Big Pour.

Colby slept for almost three hours after everyone left. She is so curious (or nosey) that she wouldn't take a nap. Plus there were so many people to play with her. Here she is with Great Grandma Lenz who came out to check out the work.

The new patio. I originally wanted a brick patio and Nick wanted concrete; so, we compromised wtih a stamped concrete patio. It's hard to tell, but it's tan and once Nick applies the sealant it will have dark accents in it. It's huge. It's approximately 40x20 feet. Well worth the wait.

Nick and Heath also poured new wider steps. I can already see the potted flowers that will line the steps next summer!!
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