Friday, May 2, 2014

Colby - finally

As most of you know, I have a difficult time getting decent pictures of Colby. Usually it's just me and her by ourselves, and her preference is to be standing right next to me (at all times) instead of having her picture taken. She's a real turkey about it!

So, when I met Kori and Ben and my dad and stepmom at Starved Rock park over Halloween weekend, I was determined to use the opportunity to get some decent images of Colby! And, of course, true to the ornery child she is, she proved my claims wrong. Instead of saying things like "I don't want to!" and running to my side, she stood there and smiled at the camera, laughed naturally at everyone watching her, and even serenaded us by singing "Frosty the No-man".

Here are a few of my favorites. Because who knows when I'll have that kind of help again, you'll probably see these images up at our house for the next ten years!!!

I love this one.....if I could get an image like this for every single mother out there, I would die a happy person. This is everything I want my images to be...pure, natural joy.

Singing to us....

Despite my earlier post, Kori did get the hang of the camera and did a great job getting a few family pictures for us as well!

My all-time favorite of that day....
Thanks for checking in!!!

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