Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Life of Max

Due to popular request, here are a few images I took today of Max. He was a willing participant for the 5 minutes his eyes were open...which only happens once or twice a day. Overall, he's a very easy baby. He's happiest eating or sleeping, with a slight preference for sleeping. I have to work hard to keep him awake to eat for any length of time. His preference, though, is to eat for five minuts once every 90 minutes...which is NOT my preference, of course! He's a bit spoiled in that he wants to fall asleep being held. His dad is actually the best at getting him to sleep, as he likes to wake up whenever I finally put him in the crib.

Ohhh....bright lights. I like bright lights!

I'll just hang out here a a tad perhaps...this holding my head up thing is overrated.

Mom, I'm SO over this.

What?! I get to eat and take a nap afterwards. Woohoo!

Aunt Kori, here's my double chin.

Max has freakishly long fingers and toes. Nick thinks his toes are like those frogs with the little suction thingies on the ends. The nurse at our doctor's office said she's pretty sure she'll see Max in the Guiness Book of World Records for being able to eat spaghetti with his toes....or something else freakishly weird like that.

I'm still sporting my blue eyes and red hair!

Check back soon! Tomorrow the James cousins come to visit!!

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