Friday, May 30, 2014

Colby Turns 3!

Last week Colby turned the big '3'! We had big plans...most of which didn't work out, but we had a great time celebrating with family anyway!

So embarrased at first at all the attention.

OK, maybe I do like the attention.

I had planned white cupcakes with pink icing and little "Tangled" sugar toppers. Colby just wanted a chocolate cake. Fine by me!


Puzzles are a big deal right now in our house. And, between Christmas and her birthday, we have 5-6 new ones!

Colby and Nick sing a Steiger song each morning on the way to Caroline's. For her birthday, she got her very own pink Steiger!

Miss Lorelei is getting so big...and is the happiest baby! Right then she was stalking pieces of wrapping paper to snack on. She was quite stealthy in her endeavors, and we had to watch her close!

Oh the princesses we have at our house! This collection is for the bathtub!

Thank you Great Grandma Budke for the new doll clothes!

A couple of updated pix of Max from last week...although he's changed so much even since then. He's doing great! He's a pretty happy baby who is only getting up once at night now, and has even slept through the night once already. So, of course, his mama thinks he's advanced! :)

At the end of the night, we had bought large Chinese lanterns to set off just like in the Tangled movie; however, the wind was working against us and we couldn't keep them lit long enough for the warm air to build up and carry them away. We decided to have a movie night later on when it's warmer and try it once again!

Thanks for checking in!


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